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Daniel – Jones submit a registered trademark application for nickname

US Time Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, giants rookie four-point satellite Daniel Jones submitted a trademark registration application for their nickname “Danny Dimes”.

According to reports, Jones submitted an application at 10.15, at this time, the first time I have just been a month for the giants. In that game, Jones brings more than 18 disadvantages to defeat the pirates and earned victories and love for themselves.

However, wholesale nfl jerseys outlet Jones is not the inventor wholesale nfl jerseys china of this nickname. He first heard this title in September. Jones said: “I don’t know, okay, it should be. There is more bad nickname.” It sounds like it is not very happy.

It is reported that there are two two men who have submitted this nicknamed trademark, and time is 9.17.

Since the 9 games, Jones passed the ball completion rate of 63%, promoted 1984 yards, reached 15 times, and was copied 8 times. He has a data crown alliance: the number of balls (13).