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Android Q increase foldables – Gadget


Google showed several new features to improve the state of loneliness and usability in the next version of the operating system, which is set to run until the end of this year.

The developers and beta users can get a copy of Android Q early, although not intended for everyday use. Beta software allows users to look at the latest features and, if they are buggy, helping Google to correct them before running.

foldability elements mainly intended for developers who need to create a folding-shelf software. Google released its own Android support for both basic types of folds: folds out-in-time and.

Fold Samsung Galaxy is an example of the construction in time touch screen itself when folded the phone is closed. This means that, most likely, an external screen, which is to be transferred to the big screen when expanded. Be on the Galaxy external screen measures only 4.5 ", and tilted the screen 7.2".

Huawei Mate X represents an example design of times where the screen always faces outwardly. Compiled screen & # 39 is constant, a large smartphone screen 6.5 "while screen is laid out 8" mini-tablet. For developers, the application will need to be stretched on the same screen in the unfolded state.

While these technological giants of the first complex technology, it is likely that they will not only brands with sophisticated phones.

"With the TCL Dragon hinge hardware, designed for sophisticated phones and Android Q software, any manufacturer can make a complicated phone," says Arthur Goldstak, managing director of World Wide Worx. "We can expect that they become common to & # 39; a reality in the next year, and accessible to ordinary consumers flagship phone for the next three years or so."

Not every developer will need a sophisticated phone to create or update their applications to foldables. Android Emulator is set to be updated to support switching between display types: prepare and unfold.

Changes in the explicit attribute resizableActivity, which was originally designed for desktop Android devices like Samsung Dex. These changes will be reflected in the depth for developers in the near future. Until then, Google does not will probably be working with Huawei and the Samsung, to get the nuances of the folding and unfolding of law

active participation and interest in Google in supporting complex form factor with Android & # 39 is a very good sign of success, which is to follow.

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