Monday , April 12 2021

Barcelona top global sports pay league, says report

London – Barcelona with & # 39 is the highest-paid team in world sport and the first to have an average basic annual salary of more than £ 10 million ($ 12.8 million), according to a global study released on Monday.

Spanish giants return to pay top of the rankings in the ninth edition of the Sporting Intelligence in a Global Sports Salaries Survey (RESS) for the first time since 2012.

The average annual basic salary of the first team at the Camp Nou was more than £ 10450000 in late November 2018-19 season, according to British researchers basis.

Barcelona is well clear at the top of the list this year, but domestic rivals Real Madrid climbed to second place. The average base salary at the Bernabeu is just over £ 8000000 a year.

In third place last year, the number one basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder NBA (£ 7.85million).

The metric used SSG average salary of the first team. He looks only to work sports and not for approval or other extracurricular activities.

"In last year's list, Barcelona has been the world's best paid football team, but it is still accepted by the extraordinary combination of new contracts and autographs to raise their average base salary at this time more than 10 million pounds from £ 6.6ma year ago" the report said,

"Foremost among these contracts was the largest transaction in the history of Barcelona to pay awarded (Lionel) Messi, who is widely recognized today as the best footballer of all time. Its total primary (before tax) annual salary Barca top of 50 million pounds a year, including the fees of the rights guaranteed by the figure ".

Six of the top 10 contributors to this year with SSG & # 39 are the NB team – a permanent consequence of a huge new TV deal in NBE, which started in the pre-season 2016-17, the report said.

More recently, in 2015, SSG, eight football teams in the top 10, but there are only four this year – Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United.

NBA extended its lead as the best-paid league average wages (5.9 million pounds), ahead of Indian cricket matches Prem & # 39; er League (£ 3.8 million, if the weekly pay in annual terms) and the MLB (baseball).

Prem & # 39; er League remains the best-paid in the world of football league. Average wages in the 2018-19 season in England's top division nearly 3 million per year.

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