Thursday , March 4 2021

Ben Affleck talks in detail about his struggle with alcohol addiction and his current condition

The difficult battle of American actor Ben Affleck against alcohol addiction has been heard in the city many times before.

And for now Batman Earlier, the actor spoke about the trials associated with alcohol dependence, and how it caused problems in his marriage to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, he once again touches on this topic.

During a conversation with Hollywood reporterAwards Chatter Podcast, Slang the actor said: “I started drinking too much during the Justice League, and it’s hard to resist and face.”

“If you knew how many actors, directors and writers were alcoholics or were somehow obsessive – I mean it’s the most common thing in the world in Hollywood,” he continued.

“I worked with actors who appeared drunk! And it wasn’t me. I drank like, alone in my living room and just broke away from the whiskey. But I’m sober, ‘he continued.

He said he has been sober for some time now and feels “as healthy and good as I have ever felt.”

“It took me a while to get – I had a few emails, like most people – but I feel really good,” he said.

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