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Bitcoin and Crypto Investors rush for the use Bitfinex after indictment


This week in the office of New York Attorney General accused Bitfinex cover the loss of $ 850 million in the hands of its Crypto Capital partner payment processing, according to siphon money from the Tether reserves. The news was enough to make the price of Bitcoin and other crypto tumbling as much as 7 per cent or more per day, and almost erased the bullish sentiment in the market is already experiencing since the beginning of April.

Despite widespread fears, and general anxiety surrounding Tether and Bitfinex, Bitcoin cryptographic and investors are divided on when they should plan a way out of the exchange, according to a new survey, Twitter share crypto analyst.

Bitfinex divided: half Running, half of the "do not worry"

As can be clearly seen through the confirmed blockchain transactional data, cryptography, investors began to flee en masse Bitfinex after the news that the office is in New York to the General Prosecutor's Office accused of concealing exchange losses of $ 850 million.

Fears rampage last week, as the cryptographic market participants are concerned about the structural integrity of the market is concerned can be artificially propped Tether. FUD was enough to cause the price of the Bitcoin, which was strongly bullish April to fall to 7% for a few minutes to further consolidation of the preliminary support turned resistance.

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Despite fears cryptographic investors appear to be divided on reception when their funds away Bitfinex wise idea or not, according to a new survey, Twitter share TradingView top MagicPoopCannon author.

In the survey, active trader said, when people with money to Bitfinex to get their money from the exchange, or some of them were "not steamed" as quickly as possible all of the potential risks. Among the respondents, only 56% said they would " goes Bitfinex », while the remaining 44% said that there was nothing to worry about.

Current price action does not matter if the Bitcoin reaches sublime expectation of investors

MagicPoopCannon in the past to share with others twitter polls, including one where the trader asked where the cryptographic Bitcoin investors see the price in the future, in the long run. The results indicate that the current price action in the Bitcoin price charts matters very little in the grand scheme of things – that is, if Bitcoin lives up to the speculators market expectations.

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According to the survey, the majority of crypto and Bitcoin traders expect the price of The BTC, to reach more than $ 100,000 in "millions" in the long run, assuming that Bitcoin will be easy to beat your previous record high of $ 20,000.

Bitcoin with potential & # 39 is not fully understood or realized. One day, the Bitcoin given its scarce supply, if it ever becomes the main currency, can achieve the incredible number of price points.

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