Thursday , March 4 2021

Broadcast news and rumors live: “Maine United” fights with “Chelsea” for Rice

Aries appoint the legend of “Manchester United” on a regular basis

Derby County has confirmed that it has appointed Wayne Rooney as its permanent contract manager for two and a half years.

The Manchester United legend, who was the interim manager at the park of honor, said on the club’s official website after the announcement: “When I first returned to the United Kingdom, I was completely overwhelmed by the potential of Derby County football club.

“The stadium, the training ground, the quality of the gaming staff and the young players who pass, and of course the fans who remained loyal and supportive.

“Despite other offerings I instinctively knew about, Derby County was the place for me.

“Giving me the opportunity to follow people like Brian Clough, Jim Smith, Frank Lampard and Philip Coco is such an honor and I can promise everyone involved in the club and all our fans, my staff and I won’t leave a stone unturned on stone. in reaching the potential that I have seen over the last 12 months of this historic football club. “

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