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Cancellation documents show why Nicolas Cage split with his wife Erika Koike after four days


The shocking details of the & # 39 appeared about four days, the marriage of Nicolas Cage, A-lister claiming that he was "wasted" when the couple decided to have a shotgun Las Vegas wedding.

55-year-old Oscar winning actor was filmed in a strange fit of how he made a marriage license at the weekend with his make-up artist friend Eric Koike.

The cell can be seen raising his voice to Koike, telling her that he "does not do it."

An eyewitness said «All the while he shouted" it's going to take all your money, "and" it had been with & # 39 is a drug addict, her ex with & # 39 is a drug addict. "

The couple married on the same day, but yesterday it turned out, Cage filed an application for annulment after only four days of marriage, reports

TMZ claims that the cancellation read documents, which reportedly said Cage "reacted on impulse," When one berth is offered to get married.

«(Erika) suggested (Nic), they should marry, (Nic) reacts on impulse and without the ability to recognize and understand all the consequences of their actions,» TMZ quoted the documents as saying.

Cage reportedly described the marriage as "fraud", because the bed does not reveal "the full nature and extent of her relationship with the other person."

He also said that the couple was "such a conflict and dispositions that are so deep to have two incompatible in marriage."

Termination as opposed to divorce in that it makes the marriage completely null and void; as if it never happened.

It is not known how long the pair were dating.

This is the fourth marriage Cage. Previously, he was married to Patricia Arquette in 1995 with a pair divorced in 2001.

Cage first proposed marriage Arquette, when she was 18. She said she did not at the time, but the actor suggested nine years later.

Faced with rumors they had only been married for nine months before the separation, Arquette told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, in 2015, while their relationship was noisy, they worked as a married couple for six years Union.

"There were times when we did not live together, because we were fighting, but it was not, as reported, and I do not feel that I needed to explain. There were times when my mother was dying (from breast cancer in 1997), and I lived with her, taking care of her, "she said.

"There were times when he was away working on the film. That was our thing. I still do not feel that I owe it to someone. It's funny when people are so wrong, and they put you in this position, and decide who you are from the & # 39 are ".

After their split, he began dating Lisa Marie Presley. The couple married in August 2002, but filed for divorce just three months after their secret wedding in Hawaii, according to People.

Cage married Alice Kim, a waitress working in a restaurant, he often visited, in 2004 they had a child together named Kal-El. Kal-El, which was the second child Cage after Weston, born in 1990, the actor then girlfriend Christina Fulton.

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