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«Drunk» hospital clerk suspended for drinking beer while on duty


Hospitalization clerk, who & # 39; # & appeared to claim 39; yanym a video in a hospital in Livingstone Port Elizabeth reportedly was placed on the warning suspension pending investigation.

According to Live Herald, customer service representative and Minister of Public Administration Ayanda Dlodlo in Mava Scott said a staff member will be issued with a disciplinary responsibility on Tuesday.

Last week, a man and his wife, who arrived at the emergency division Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth in the early hours of the morning were obtained man drinking beer on Thursday, was able to up & # 39; yanennya reports Netwerk24.

The wife, who wished to remain anonymous, said that her husband had fallen at his home in Port Elizabeth around 01:00 on Thursday. Then she took him to the hospital.

"This man with a beer was the first point of contact in the accident, where patients are admitted. He was behind the counter, but you are not able to do anything. He was still drinking beer right there, "she said.

According to the woman, the file must be opened before the patient can be examined by a doctor.

"Can not open file"

"There I was, with my husband in an unconscious state in a wheelchair and standing between me and the doctors from the & # 39 is a man who can not even open the file."

A few moments later, the doctor came, it would seem, the patient complains of the previous file.

Then the woman told the doctor that her husband needed urgent medical care. The doctor helped her husband, while the nurse took the documents.

"What would happen if my husband had to wait more? I was afraid that he would die there.

"The doctors and nurses were very helpful. Now this is one guy [at reception] with & # 39 is tarnishing the image of the whole hospital. "

According to Times Live, for the treatment of Companies (TAC) Eastern Cape deputy chairman Thembisile Nogampula said that the organization has to communicate directly with the health MEC Helen Sauls-August on the subject, and she assured them that she would have to deal.

"It is very disturbing"

"It is very unpleasant to watch. Official as preventing human right to health ", as reported, Nogampula said.

"How can a man who was n & # 39; they that let in the hospital? I wonder how many other reported incidents involving this man.

"He should be fired with immediate effect," he maintained.

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