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Go to «Darksiders» line, and the other switches Nintendo games


What makes Hell a large video game settings? This is because the demons and monsters provide endless creative enemy brutally killed without moral dilemma? This is because the fiery hellscapes visually arresting? This is because sin, of course, lends itself to entertaining extravagant scapegoat video games lead to? Or is it because of all the players instinctively know where their souls are headed, especially if they support the vile tricks, as a publisher THQ Nordic tacitly approved of that child pornography den 8chan.

Whatever the answer, Hell was a heavenly locale from some really amazing video games for many years. And in particular, we have seen a surge hell games on Nintendo switch, which is especially funny considering Nintendo's crystal clear images. There are many excellent games switch to choose from, but if you're trying to narrow down your search, it is possible, we offer to play these games, to go to hell to go.

This post was inspired by a new release Darksiders on the switch. While the game launched in 2010, is «Warmastered» Issue that landed on modern consoles (including Wii U) a couple of years ago. And this version of the switch supports the same improved, including the ability to trade image quality for higher frame rate. But the very core of the same.

fortunately Darksiders"The kernel is one of the most solid, the meat and potatoes, casually made videogame ass video game action I might have ever played. Game brazenly takes from other known sources. It has a very traditional 3D Zelda formula with sprawling aerial riding and intricate dungeons solutions. Entangled hack and slash combat Recalls god of warAs long as you do not get the gun and turn it into a d & # 39; yabal may cryLater levels (the weakest, to be honest) gives you the right portal gun to go labirintovidnuyu space. later Darksiders Game lean in a more concrete action RPG or Dark Souls direction, but this is the first one is still the most eclectic mix of influences.

Darksiders It does not feel shameless, though. It feels sur & # 39; ozna. He loves his big video game inspiration and does an excellent B + job recreating them at the same time, weaving them into a coherent whole. It's just some good food. It Sur & # 39; oznasts also refers to the history and style of play. You play the war, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and very thicc Boi, fighting to clear his name in the future of Earth, devastated by a war between Heaven and Hell.

This is the high school boy metalworker notebook scribbles nonsense full of demons to eat the heart and home hot angel fighting huge dwarf gunsmiths. Supporters of the comic art of Joe Madureira there too appreciate his fellow hell-switch games Battle Chasers: NightwarBut he introduced a completely straight face. When Mark Hamill says, do not cross the charred board, it means it.

True to its Zelda roots, of Darksiders will take you quite a lot of hours to complete. It segments enough of what makes significant progress in small, portable pieces is actually possible. But as soon as you have finished there are many other options to get your demon killing with your switch, in games that still begin with «D», even!

rock is the best video game in 2016, masterfully update ur first person shooter id Software, while maintaining fast and bloody action that made the original one of rock called the environment. Switch version & # 39 is a weaker version, of course, but it still works fine, and no other version does not allow you to be nice to kill in close combat cyber demons by metro. We hyped sequel to version switch Doom: EternalToo.

Diablo III, fast, infinite, loot-driven action RPG runs have made it perfect for a portable game changer. But then they went and added Ganondorf in it, a rare example of a Nintendo character in M-rated games. The return of Blizzard, to Nintendo hardware was welcome, but definitely worth it.

And finally Bayonetta 2 with & # 39 is an act in video games that we hope people will check now that the switch has saved him from the Wii U in prison. This makes the fight in Darksiders look for basic and while you kill some demon in this sequel, the focus remains on providing the proud angel deserved punishment for change.

So the next time you want to play something a little more sin on your machine provide this Mario game Nintendo Switch from shot of hell. For more information about the switch here are some other interesting games to play right now, and check your hands with Nintendo Labo VR. And while we're at it, here are some great demons to call themselves.

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