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Hold on! Is Marothi Skeem Sami kill Rachel?


like Avengers: EndGame and game Capital Battle of Winterfell did not finish us Skeem Sami He pulled us back into the glaring place with proposals that Rachel died Kunutu.

We'll give you time to compose yourself.

Rachel Marothi before the report of post-mortem and saw flames when Marothi asked her where she got it from.

Later Marothi Levi said that he was "dead man" after the discovery of Rachel on the autopsy and that his wedding to Rachel may not even happen.

Marothi returned home crying and later turned to the bottle for comfort. Then he looks at his hands, filled with soil and trying to wash them.

Of course, he could have killed anyone, including the person who reported Rachel. Or maybe he's just doing gardening spot?

But the whole scene was enough to convince fans that he not only killed his bride, but her body is buried.

To add to the suspicion, the teaser for this week's episode contains the line: "The word about Rachel reaches Celia and Charles, and they fear the worst."

Social media were shooketh beyond belief and flooded periods with memes and messages about the drama.

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