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How to get a Mini Seelie pet – explain the differences – HITC

Genshin Impact improves performance three months after its release, and that’s thanks to constant updates, such as 1.2, that Banner Ganyu just gave us. In addition, version 1.2 also gave us the “Lost Wealth” event where you can get a Mini Seelie pet. Here you will learn how to get a Mini Seelie pet in Genshin Impact and you will learn the differences between the three available.

While update 1.2 was a premature Christmas present that blessed us with the arrival of Albedo and Ganya, the miHoYo roadmap for 2020 predicts that update 1.3 will arrive sometime in February. Not much is officially known about the upcoming update, but leaks suggest that the banners will be Xiao and Hu Tao.

Xiao and Hu Tao in the future will be interesting additions if this is true, but – before the release of update 1.3 – below you will learn how to get a Mini Seelie pet in Genshin Impact, and you will also learn the differences.

How to get a Mini Seelie pet in Genshin Impact during Lost Wealth

You can get a Mini Seelie pet at Genshin Impact during the “Lost Wealth” event, which lasts until 4pm on a server in your area on January 18th (event items are stored until January 22nd).

To get a Mini Seelie pet at Genshin Impact during the “Lost Wealth” event, you first need to find Ullman at the Stone Gate.

You need to talk to this NPC so you can be gifted with the Treasure Book and the device.

This “Treasure” gadget is a “Treasure Finder” and it will guide you through the game areas along with the book to find iron coins.

Ullmann will mark two new treasure areas in the book each day, for a total of 14 treasure areas. Going to these areas, you will want to summon a treasure hunt device so that it can help you find iron coins, illuminating more strongly the closer you get to the buried place.

The mini-pet costs 280 iron coins, and the miHoYo website reports that you can exchange three gadgets only after completing all the treasure areas.

Not only that, you can only get one gadget during an event.

What is the difference between Mini Seelie pets in Genshin Impact?

The only difference between Genshin Impact’s Mini Seelie pets is the color.

There are differences in the description of each Mini Seelie pet in Genshin Impact, but the main difference is the following colors:

  • The diary is navy blue
  • Rose – Pink powder
  • Turmeric is gold

Aside from the Curcuma, which has a description that says its color reflects luck, the only difference between the devices is the color, as each will follow the player around the world.

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