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In a world first, an unmanned supplies for kidney transplantation


In what the researchers called a pioneering achievement, unmanned robot has put a new kidney for the 44-year-old Baltimore woman.

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April 19, the plane delivered the donated kidney was successfully transplanted with the help of the surgical team at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. The patient was discharged on 23 April.

Before the operation she underwent eight years of dialysis due to renal failure.

"This whole thing with the & # 39 is odd. A few years ago, it was not what you might think about, "said the patient in a university news release.

According to the surgeons and researchers, flight shows how drones could improve access to organs for the people on the list waiting for transplantation.

In many cases, drones could provide delivery bodies, faster, safer, and more affordable than traditional methods is transported authorities said the transplant team.

sacred duty

"As a result of outstanding collaboration between surgeons, engineers, the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA], Procurement agencies, pilots, nurses, and, ultimately, the patient, we were able to make an innovative breakthrough in transplantation, "said project leader Dr. Joseph cliffs, one of the surgeons who carried out the transplant.

"There remains a disastrous mismatch between the number of recipients on the transplant waiting list and the total number of transplantable organs. This new technology has the potential to help expand the pool of organ donors and access to transplantation, "said the rocks.

The researchers noted that the transport of bodies & # 39 is one of the most important parts of the transplant process. The amount of time element may remain viable in transit is crucial.

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donor organ delivery "to the & # 39 is a sacred duty with a lot of moving parts. It is very important that we find ways to make it better, "added the rocks.

While the surgeons knew the steps associated with transplantation, unmanned transport is a foreign area.

Matthew Scassero, director of unmanned aircraft systems range University, described the task.

"We had to create a new system, which is still in the FAA regulatory framework, but are also able to carry extra body weight, camera and monitoring bodies, communications and security systems over urban, densely populated areas – a greater distance and with more endurance."

Custom-made drone used in this project was eight rotors and several power units to ensure reliable operation even in the event of a component failure.

expensive flights

Before innovative flight crew developed and tested drone successfully transported materials, such as saline, blood tubes, then healthy but unsuitable human kidney.

Current transport authority usually uses expensive charter flights or commercial flights, which sometimes result in the body was left on the plane or other delays that leave the body unsuitable for use, the researchers noted.

Modern methods of transport are not fully cover the rural or remote areas of the United States, they said.

In 2018, about 114,000 Americans were in line for organ transplants, according to the Organization & # 39; United Network for Organ Sharing. But 1.5% of deceased organ donors did not make it for its intended purpose; and about 4% of supply bodies have unforeseen delays of two or more hours.

This work is at the stage of proof of concept. When he was successful, the team said it will look at much greater distances unmanned vehicle body.

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