Thursday , November 14 2019
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"It was not a gift or a favor"


Andile said that money "is not a gift, a bribe or favor", but the payment for their work in East Africa.

"Our locking legs, as we have incurred expenses for opening projects. We employ a team of 12 people in Uganda. "

He said that the work that they have done so far includes:

  • A solar power installation for large multinational oil; and
  • Fiber network for eight companies, financial services, including banks;

Blue Crane Capital billed AGO in the final calculation of the amounts due, as agreed in the termination letter, which was released in November 2018.

"I have never started a partnership with ASC or any other corrupt intentions or desire to undermine the law or due process of law for monetary gain."

He added: "I have never used their" influence "in any business dealing I never offered to use his" influence "to help the AGO or any other company to provide the tender, nor I have never been able to do it .. my company, Blue Crane Capital, has never conducted any business with the government or state-owned enterprises, and has not entered into a business agreement is clearly a conflict in any part of South Africa or any other government. "

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