Monday , April 12 2021

Kourtney Kardashian's mom Shamed fans for Son Reign, 4, long hair

How many of us have been doing this past weekend, Kourtney Kardashian spend some time online shopping for holiday giftsShe does it a little differently than most of us, though. While you may be curled up on the couch with a laptop lies on warm your pajama pants, Kardashian makes her bargain-hunting at the pool in a bikini, getting mom shamed dozens of Instagram followers.

On Saturday, Kardashian posted a photo that shows her sitting on the deck with chaise MacBook balancing on his knees, and her youngest son, Reign, apparently just got out of the pool, stands. "Christmas shopping," she wrote in the caption. Although many proponents understood commented on how they go shopping at much colder conditions or joked about what gifts they want Kardashian to buy for them, a number of trolls made comments about the Reign – and the fact that his mother must do differently.

«U Christmas shopping while ur baby from freezing poool wowwwww talking about narcissistic," wrote one commentator. Snark – sometimes under the guise of concern – is echoed by many. "So your son is frozen, and you pretend to dial? Great pic, "someone remarked, and another said," The child looks Rly cold and Ur there on ur computer is not doing anything about it. "One person even went so far as to say:" I love how at this moment Courtney just post photos of her neglecting her children. "

Some trolls have the opportunity to photograph as two to one mother-shame. "The child is cold damn begin to be a mom too poor children to cut the boy's hair," wrote one commentator on the Reign, who turns four in December. His hair reaches far beyond its shoulders, that, perhaps, with the & # 39 is a problem for some people who do not have voting rights in a child's life – but that does not stop them from making rude remarks.

«Reign so cute! But postriglas! I can not say when he or Penelope itself, "wrote one commentator, asking for help, saying Reign with the daughter of Kardashian. Others simply wrote: "Please, haircut," while those who missed the memo about gender constructs, made insulting assumptions, comment, like, 'Please, cut that hair in boys U do I do not understand on the mason. . Unfortunately in Waiting "t have another girl, but let it be ?« and »Cut his hair. So funny. and do not say that he wanted that for a long time. dear God, he is a child, he does not know better. you have done . same thing with Mason What do you think "better question: What is the sense to leave a comment like this?

Kardashian ignored the troll, but some of her fans have come to her defense about both without question. "All these comments about the & # 39; are not you going to do something your child is cold. Well, if people actually look, and not only saw what they wanted to see that there is a towel for her son, so clearly that she was not giving it to freeze, "a much more balanced commentator wrote. As for hair reign, one fan made the only acceptable comment: «Reign too cute love your long hair!".

Anyone who feels differently about it may need to remind yourself that this is not their hair or their child, so their disapproving comments not & # 39 are neither appropriate nor welcome.

This is probably the first time Kourtney Kardashian's mom was shamed:

Now look bad Cattani and her daughter try nine things they've never done before:

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