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LETTER: Julius Malema with & # 39 is "adult coconut"


OPINION – Julius Malema, the high flying companions with expensive tastes, and his wife, now with the & # 39 are members of one of the most exclusive, prestigious and elite institutions in South Africa, Inanda Club in Sandton.

They have access to sports and dining room that we ordinary people will never allow.

Malemas can now join like-minded people to enjoy the business, sports, and social networking in an upscale Sandton. It is a short distance from their smart home in Hyde Park, rented them gently tobacco magnate Adrian Mazzotti.

Malema Gucci revolutionary and has a good road of life, from his exclusive Breitling watches with its high-class fashion designer. Bling irony

King Julius with & # 39 is that he is very critical of elitism, but abandoned his people in the villages and came mainly white elite. His faithful followers of fascist blinded by his hated instigator and his lieutenants about poor black child, he once was.

Your adult Malema with & # 39 is the coconut. Viva capitalism, viva VBS Bank, viva the EFF, as your commander in chief becomes king all he surveys and desires.

If the working class EFF not a cake, let them eat their helmet and overalls. This champagne and caviar for the king Julius.

Robin Will find Phoenix

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