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Maizie Williams Reacts Arya Murder Night King to the Ridiculous Sophie Turner Instagram


WARNING: This story contains spoilers for game of thrones Season 8, Episode 3.

Maizie Williams kept relatively quiet after the last episode game of thrones, Called «The Long Night», which may come as a surprise, given the integral role of the character in the victory of the Battle of Winterfell. In a move no one saw coming, Ar & # 39; Ian Stark was the one who finally killed the King of Night, sneaking up on him and stabbed godswood steel dagger Valyrian for crushing final blow.

twist shocked yet pleased the supporter through the Internet, but perhaps no one was more happy about the big stage than the actual Williams. Breaking her silence on the big time in the afternoon, the actress released a festive Instagram responsive to a great episode last night with a backstage video of roles Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) makes the Soulja Boy dance.

Turner clip shows what it is like on the shafts of Winterfell, belting out songs in hip-hop hit in 2007, dancing and hitting snowballs from the balcony. (You can not make this stuff, folks.)

Williams accurately post entitled "I [sic] feeling after this episode. . Not today BBY ?? »She also cites the cult is now the challenge and the response she had learned from his balls instructor, Syrio trout in season 1:" What we're talking death god "Hold" Not today. "This Instagram Arya thin after the battle on the flex? Night King.

Speaking of ice antagonists, Williams also shared backstage photos and stunt actor Vladimir Furdik, who plays Night King on the show in the second slide his post Insta with Turner. He points at the camera and posing in the frame, and in full costume, pointing laid-back side of the leader of the White Walker, we've never seen before (and probably will not see it).

Williams initially was concerned that GoT Spectators will not approve Arya be the one to kill the Night King, because it was such a surprise. She and co-star Harrington, like many of us thought that John Snow will be the one to make the Night King fall. "It was so incredibly exciting," she said Entertainment Weekly"But I immediately thought that everyone would hate him that Ar & # 39; Ian does not deserve that."

In the end, she came around. "It was beautiful, it's poetry. And I'm thankful it was me, not Keith, "she joked backstage in the series" Game Revealed ». We are also grateful, Mays.

game of thrones returns next Sunday on HBO at 9:00 PM ET.

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