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Mom says that cops failed son killed n & # 39; yanym driver


Cheryl Govender, in tears, that have a picture of her dead son Tyrese James at his home in Phoenix, outside Durban. Tumi Pakkies
Durban – A mother with & # 39 is "hungry for justice" after she claimed that Phoenix police officer unnecessarily investigate a car accident that resulted in the death of her son last week.

Cheryl Govender, 39, believes her son James Tyrese, 17, were denied justice. Grade 11 student Foresthaven High School was injured in the head after being hit by alleged n & # 39; in the driver Yanagi Canehaven Drive March 7, Phoenix, north of Durban, after alighting from a taxi.

Tyrese died from his injuries died in hospital over the weekend. He was in a coma after an accident. Govender said she was told witnesses that the driver was not questioned at the scene.

"I opened a case against the illegal actions of the employee, because I believe that it must ensure that the driver was breathalyzed intruder and suffered blood tests," said Govender.

According Govender, she was told that the driver had been deprived of that leaves the stage a group of young people.

The witness, who asked not to be named, said that she and Tyrese in the taxi and saw the collision unfold.

"I relive this trauma every day. This boy was struck by a driver who was speeding. He did not even stop, he tried to shake the boy from his car, "she said.

Another witness said that the driver threw the empty bottle of alcohol out of your car in one of the closest properties.

Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane confirmed that a case of premeditated murder investigated at the police station Phoenix

"After the man was hit by a vehicle, he was taken to hospital where he received medical treatment. Later, the victim died in the hospital due to injury, "he said.

Zwane confirmed that an investigation has been opened and is being investigated in relation to the charges against the police officer.

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