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Mr Ten Percent ": How to Ace Magashul captured Free State


ANC secretary general Ace Magashul stood on the "head of state capture a well-organized network" in the free state for nearly a decade.

This network drew millions of rands of taxpayers' money in the schemes, it would seem, presided over Magashule and allegedly saw such people as former president Jacob Zuma, here & # 39; I Gupta, some of Magashule children, former provincial premier & # 39; EPA itself, and many connected ANC policy benefit from various government programs.

According to the new book, Gangster condition: Exposing Web Ace Magashul on Capture journalist Peter Louis Myburgh, secretary general of the ruling party also:

  • We use undemocratic means to cling to power in the free state;
  • It helped facilitate government business, at least one of their children, while others work for Gupta;
  • Guptas met for various reasons, to discuss a business relationship and even took the mayor of Bloemfontein along; and
  • He used his position as prime minister & # 39; EPA to influence and direct costs R2-billion in housing contracts to politically connected businessmen.

The book also explores whether Zuma was in the "thank you" fee from one of the countless unsuccessful provincial projects of the Free State for housing, as well as claims that the ANC benefit directly in the form of payments in cash and in kind.

Myburgh, who spent more than a year exclusively focused on Magashule networks also binds ANC heavyweight number of seemingly irregular and illegal payments, including instructions to the beneficiary of the provincial agreement to ensure payments are made in accordance with his wishes.

Bandit State Peter Louis Myburgh

Moroadi Cholota, personal assistant Magashule, while he was prime minister & # 39; EPAM wrote Igo Mpambani, known Magashule associate, the company received more than R230 million from the provincial government: "After discussions with Ipeleng darkness [an employee in Magashule’s office]Prem & # 39; er minister asked you to pay the full amount of R470 000 and the remaining amount of R30 000 to the SRC President of Cuba ".

According to other documents obtained Myburgh, a «AM» was also to be repaid in the amount of R10m Mpambani, which acts as a classical Bagman, the distribution of income from their provincial government contracts for different people, it would seem, on Magashule orbit. He also highlighted the hundreds of thousands of rands directly ANC in the Free State, including money to help pay for the shares in support of Zuma, and regularly withdrew large amounts of cash when he was in the vicinity of Magashule.

Mpambani and his partner gained about R230m in "net profit" of its relations with the Government of the Free State, relating to the agreement to carry out the audit R255m RDP houses with asbestos in the ceiling. Myburgh sources in the provincial government said that it would not need to spend. Money has been spent on repayment of various persons, including more than one alleged payment of the individual listed in the «AM».

Lucky tenderpreneur and his partner also poured millions of rands to property and vehicles, including Aston Martin, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati, Range Rover and Bentley. Myburgh said that his invesrtigation shows Magashule «was an active participant in the scheme of asbestos audit."

Magashule was sent a list of over 60 issues Myburgh, but declined to comment on any statements contained in this book.

Other possible beneficiaries of irregular state contract with the & # 39 is Zizi Kodwa, a senior ANC leader, who also allegedly paid the tenderpreneur. Kodwa also declined to comment on the allegations.

gangster state with & # 39 is the first comprehensive audit of Magashule as one of the most influential figures of the ANCA. Controversial former Free State premier & # 39; er has been accused of various illegal transactions for many years, but has never been charged or convicted of any crime. According to Myburgh, Scorpions – elite corruption unit ruin – was, however, close to Magashule arrest in 2008, shortly before it was dismantled ANC.

Myburgh Magashule describes as a strong politician, whose influence on the provincial party affairs and the affairs of state could not be stopped, and raised an almighty for almost ten years. According to Myburgh sources Magashule assured that the elastic officials were appointed to important positions in the free state, the government, he knew that the contracts and tenders were the most valuable and have the last word for a big payout of the Free State.

Former member of the Government's executive Magashule province said Myburgh: «Ace keep tabs on all the major and medium-sized payments, municipalities and provincial departments. He knew exactly when most companies were to receive money from their government, and it will very quickly raise its stake after the payment has been made. "

Associated Magashule and former political colleagues said Myburgh, ANC secretary-general was careful to cover their tracks, always deals in cash.

"It's like running Ace. Something similar happened with another free State Department contractor settlements in Riebeeckstad area. After a businessman has received payment in the province, he collected money from Ace Man on garages Engena ".

Another source said Myburgh: «Ace cash transactions. He knows that this will be very difficult for someone to catch him in the act. "

Myburgh said gangster state clearly implies Magashule «well as the head of state capture orgnanised network."

"More than a few sources in the free state, the political setting Magashule referred to as" Mr Ten percent ", allegedly demanding a 10% reduction from every state contract in the province," says Myburgh.

Many of the statements Myburgh details were known previously, but the ANC refused to speak out against Magashule. "The appointment of the governing party of its own," the Secretary-gangster "in a position as visible and important as one Magashule now holds can be considered a widespread approval of crime," said Myburgh.

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