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Or & # 39; is it the result of 2019 elections? ANC 61%, DA 19%, EFF …


This is the most likely outcome of the 2019 elections in the election campaign enters its final lap. Top 5 persons that will determine the election results with the & # 39 are the president Cyril Ramaphosa, a leader D. Mmyuzi Maiman, the EFF leader Julius Malema, DA Western Cape premier & # 39; er candidate Alan Winde and starting the party, well, led by Patricia de Lille.

Ipsos released the results of a survey on the eve of his final 8 elections in May.

If seven in 10 voters turn out, it is (61% of the ANC, DA 19%, 11% the EFF, the IFP 3%

and FF + 1%) to the & # 39 is probably the distribution of votes at the national level – the voter turnout of about 70% of the tags with the way South Africans usually vote, said the director of Ipsos and sociologist Marie Harris. In 1999, the turnout was 87.92%; in 2004, 75.52%; in 2009, 77.3% in 2014, 73.4%.

But the official opposition says D. Ipsos understating their support and the party says that its own figures and feedback from the ground shows that still can beat his 2014 exodus, when the party won 22, 23% of the vote.

that's soHe's top five performers, who will determine the election results:

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa illustration: ND Mazina 2019

Without Ramaphosa, ANC outcome is likely to be very different. In the 2016 elections to the local self-government, the ruling party took a beating, which made him one of the opposition in the three major cities of South Africa.

If the ANC has not begun the path of reform under Ramaphosa, then it is likely the party will not even melt 60% and struggled to reach 50% of the national vote. Now the ANC to launch a campaign that has used its new president as a drawcard.

Ramaphosa has different measurement survey, the most popular and reliable of all South African politicians. He was a key figure in the party campaign, which has been the most violent in the history of its democratic era. Ramaphosa is facing internal fightback against his reform program, which is bedeviling the final stages of the party campaign. It is clear that the ANC will win the election, which means that Ramaphosa will be judged by the party holding the majority of Gauteng and in his stronghold of provinces like the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

DA leader Mmyuzi Maiman

Mmyuzi Maiman illustration: ND Mazina 2019

Maimane got his company out of the blocks with a massive first start in 2018 at the Mary Fitzgerald Square, and then led the launch of the manifesto at Rand Stadium that dwarf the other party happy. Both were held in Gauteng, and he even moved the headquarters of the party in Broome in Johannesburg as a symbol of the party ambitions to win the province, which is a & # 39 is a selective pot of gold. But inspiration has given way to pull away, as the party moved its election platform from plus to minus.

Gauteng has the highest number of registered voters in the country and the party is trying to get into pole position. Harris says that the DA victory is unlikely.

"I think that the ANC will win Gauteng, but not with the overwhelming majority ".

DA election campaign manager Jonathan MOX disagree.

"Gauteng (still) are up for grabs. We see a lot of traffic in the polls. In a broader sense, everyone is looking at us. Our goal (in Gauteng) is the ANC is less than 50%, (but) independent of each voter DA proving. "

Even in the Western Cape, the SDA is struggling to hold the majority of ANC struggled to get back support in the province has long been considered lost for the ruling party. The party has set his eyes on the ability to manage Northern Cape in the coalition, but it is unclear about the polls how the plans the largest province with the lowest number of voters cast their ballot.

The leader of the EFF Julius Malema

Julius Malema illustration: ND Mazina 2019

Julius Malema forms as the biggest winner of the election polls suggesting the party doubled its support from the girl's 2014 survey, when it took six per cent at the national level.

The EFF, is likely to get 11% or more, and it is to run a campaign that saw him go toe to toe with the ANC and the DA. The party pledged its property in Johannesburg, to finance fully the national campaign and hold rallies across the country: it paid dividends as the Ipsos poll shows the EFF may be the official opposition in three provinces.

In the Western Cape and Gauteng, Malema may be Kingmaker, giving him the situation is even more leverage than the period of the deal-making after the 2016 local self-government, if the EFF victory put him in position to decide who will manage the Johannesburg and Pretoria (Tshwane council) .

DA Western Cape premier & # 39; er candidate Alan Winde

Alan Winde illustration: ND Mazina 2019

Will Alan Winde be a single opposition party, the prime minister & # 39; EPA Southern Africa? It seems that only the DA provincial clearly, to win this Western Cape, and even that is not clear. In any case, Winde from the & # 39 is a former election campaign. Pacific campaigner, Winde from the & # 39 is the only technocrat (in contrast to the professional politician) the identity of the election campaign in 2019.

"It's neck and neck in the Western Cape, but we believe that we are on track to save the province, "said Moakes daily Maverick on Monday, adding that he is "danger" in the Western Cape falls into a coalition between the ANC and the EFF. Both parties are flirting with each other, as the Var & # 39; yaty as the campaign reaches its final pressure and power line begins to explain.

"Western Cape so split that I have not put my head on the block (of the result), "Harris says.

A good leader Patricia de Lille

Patricia de Lille illustration: ND Mazina 2019

After entering the war with her former party, the SDA, the former mayor of Cape Town began its movement as a political party in December 2018 it launched a movement for a good month before.

One of the identity of the parties, De Lille with & # 39 is one of the daily Maverick«S Top 5 Company signs because her struggle with the SDA formed that the result of the survey party. DA is fighting so hard for the Western Cape because of his fight with De Lille cost it votes.

The good side received posters and electoral material as bold as its founder, and it saw a brand new game to make a mark. Harris says De Lille is good for elective offices in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Northern Cape, as well as at the national level. DM


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