Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Owners cryptocurrency target in Microsoft Outlook, data breach


Earlier this month, Motherboard reported that hackers have broken service support Microsoft Outlook portal and access to the metadata and content of an e-mail users.

now said publication that many victims have had their claims Breach cryptocurrency wallets access these hackers.

Jevon Ritmeester, a user who has been warned Microsoft of violating its accounts claimed that the hackers used their access to their e-mail, to bring its currency Bitcoin with Kraken account.

According Ritmeester said hackers have implemented a rule forwarding e-mail sent to any letter, which referred to "Krakow" to your account Gmail.

Hackers use this message to reset your password and gain access to their account before stealing through only one Bitcoin – which costs about R74,000.

two other Reddit users He claimed that they also lost as a result of cryptocurrency Microsoft Outlook schlock.

"Customers who believe that they worked in excess of what was stated in the message of the company should contact Microsoft Support for help," said a spokesman for Microsoft motherboards.

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