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Report: Developer Talks walking fast talking in Riot Games


Internal communications received and published point say that after the threats in the strike of employees, a variety of head Riot Games & # 39; to encourage the developers to sign up for a "small group session" to discuss the issue.

The potential strike comes in response to a story on Kotaku last week about the movements filed Riot Games, aiming to force the two former employees with claims against the company in a private arbitration for the settlement of claims and other issues raised in their legitimate complaints.

Source talk in terms says that the story sparked concerns of employees were on when Riot Games Guide lives up to the promised transparency after the news about the studio toxic culture prevalent in the past year.

In an internal message sent by an employee, Riot Games chief diversity Angela Roseboro brewing addressed those issues and talk about the strike, saying in response to an article Kotaku, that "there are pros, cons and discuss the nuances of arbitration."

"We also know may be forthcoming strike and recognize some rebels did not feel heard," reads an internal message sent to staff from Roseboro more slack. "We want to open a dialogue on Monday and invited the rebel, to join us for a small group sessions where we can talk through your problems and provide as much context as we can about where we landed, and why. If you are interested, please take a moment to add your name to this table. we plan to keep these sessions, however, ak that we can have a more open dialogue. "

Message goes on to say that the company wants to re-earn the trust of the employee "through an open and transparent dialogue, and some of the staff, speaking on a point to say that the answer concerned.

"If Angela Roseboro proposed schedule of sessions focus on people was loose, because people were disappointed in yet another example of private discussions instead of transparency," said an anonymous developer point. "Overall, I think the Rebels patients feeling like they do not have visibility into what management actually does to improve. "

When reached for confirmation, Riot Games will not comment on the actions of internal messages share the points, and offered the following statement:

"We are proud of our colleagues for standing up for what they believe. We always want to rebels, to be able to be heard, so we sat down today to hear their views and learn more about their prospects for arbitration. we will also discuss this topic during our once every two weeks all companies in the town hall on Thursday. Both of & # 39 is an important forum for us to discuss our current policies and listen to feedback, and they & # 39 are an important part of the evaluation of all procedures and policies, including those related to arbitration. "

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