samsung Electronics He introduced a new type of television, one that is in a vertical position to fit content captured on mobile phones.

Called Gray, the new device went on sale in Korea, aimed specifically at the millennial generation who watch more content on vertical screens of their smartphones, the Samsung said.

Technology giant said young people are more "familiar" with the screen set out on this path, but the screen can also be rotated to watch TV in the standard horizontal position.

Content created and viewed in this way, is becoming increasingly popular, led by the growth of Instagram and Snapchat stories and other viral video.

Snapchat is one of the platforms that are currently creating their own original programming in the format, announcing earlier this month that it plans to release at least 10 new shows specifically for viewing on a phone-shaped mobile screens.

a whopping price

Gray TV can also be used to display photos or hours when he was not looking, and includes a built-in microphone, which Samsung says will allow users to cause his voice on the basis of artificial intelligence assistant Bixby within the device.

He is set to be the first to be released in Korea in late May, the cost of 18.9 million won (unusual R232 000 at the time of writing).

It remains unclear when the device will be released outside of the country technology giant.