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Spotify reaches 100 million subscribers premium


Music and radio engineering industry, perhaps, it would seem, took the roar of the transition to digital music and podcasts, but this is not the case, the money disappears completely – it's just that he moved to other places there are still people willing to spend money on their music and listening platforms.

Spotify as a world leader in music streaming with & # 39 is one of those success stories, as the company recently announced that they are currently more than 100 million subscribers Spotify Premium worldwide. Spotify has reached the limit of paid subscribers growing 32 percent year over year, mainly due to the recent launch in the Indian market, which has seen a lot of students from Asian countries, leading to the service. It's not all that of the total number of users, as the company has a reported 217 million people are common throughout the world, but it shows that the company is very successful in converting free listeners to them Premium platform that is fighting a lot of companies like to do .

Much of the success of Spotify was a result of its international orientation. Despite the fact that the company in the world has more than doubled the number of paid users than the nearest competitor of Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple still boasts the US paid subscriptions to 28 million compared with 26 million Spotify years.

Spotify has big plans for the future, especially in front of the podcast, as the company has recently acquired a podcasting company Gimlet Media, the Anchor and Parcast, and now offers podcasting quarter of a million names on the streaming platform. It is through this that the company sees its greatest growth potential, set a goal that by the end of the next quarter could see is to have 222 to 228 million users, including between 107 and 110 million paying subscribers.

Interestingly, in spite of all this growth, the company is still making
losses, posting a deficit of $ 158.3 million in January-March quarter,
compared with a loss of $ 189 million for the same period last year.
Things are getting better for the company, although it seems clear that his subscription
and advertising revenue will still grow significantly to the company
can finally start making money.

Last update: April 30, 2019

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