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Station manager resigns amid accusations over the song of the year


Speculation is brewing around the corridors SABC radio that the resignation of manager Thobela FM station Mosh Matsena this week may be linked to last year's summer song annoying defeat of the year.

Since the controversial flash – as a result of Skeleton Move Master KG (Kgaugelo Moagi) declared in the SABC Summer Song of the Year over Malwedhe widely popular king monad in the first hours of the New Year – it was quiet storm over the results on the radio, and among his listeners.

It was argued that Makwena «Kwenisto» Makgakga and producer Alfei (DJ Boeli) Mailula hindered competition. They were suspended.

Makgakga explained in social media this week that actually happened to him and DJ Boeli on & # 39; waking category winner.

Couple unceremoniously removed the air over "inappropriate" comments that were said to have a preventive outcome of the contest for social media, before being officially announced were not.

On Friday, the SABC representative Vuyo Mthembu confirmed Matsena resign – but denied it was for the Summer Song fiasco.

"SABC can confirm that Mosch Matsena resigned as manager Thobela FM stations to continue their studies full-time. Her resignation, not with immediate effect, is not related to post social media DJ Kwenisto Makgakga or any investigation, "said Mthembu.

Makgakga long post to Facebook in detail how the pair acted on the orders of Matsena, to make a statement that would result in a change from the King Master Monad KG victory.

"About 7 pm, it was reported in our employees wattsap [sic] a group of our station manager says we should call it a matter of urgency. Taba made. Taba received instructions that he gave me, and HF, as we were holding the show together. Upon arrival Taba sat us down, and he told us that he was told by a call. Instruction was that the song of the year changed from Malwedhe on Skeleton Move. It never bothered me. Whether Monada win or Master KG they are our boys, "read the post.

He said, "But the clock at 12:00, they were 3 songs King Monad and was №2 Skeleton Move. At 10:15, when we started the show the station manager is designed to re-emphasize the changes. At this time, Taba has a loud speaker [put on the loud speaker of the phone], The team was very clear. Song of the Year Frame Malwedhe the slide not longer. I followed the instructions. "

In Makgakga Friday repeated his post on Facebook saying that he was to what he wrote. He said he could not give his side of the story before he was a contract for the broadcaster.

He said that he decided to come forward to set the record straight.

"This whole episode has tarnished my name and reputation. They took away my integrity, and I could not say then, "said Makgakga, adding that he was surprised that they were never called to the" so-called investigation, to give our side of the story "and" we are left hanging "

He insisted that he was not fired, but his contract was not renewed.

Meanwhile, after some students called for the manager Motsweding FM-station to probe, the SABC said that those who made the call must come up with evidence.

On Thursday, a group of demonstrators stormed Upa wind fund SABC building in Mafikeng, claiming, inter alia, the removal of Katlego Moheli, Motsweding FM station manager, contracts and some radio people be restored.

Mthembu said: «SABC work with evidence, and if any interested party has any information relating to any violations by the control station or any SABC employees, we encourage them to provide proof that to the SABC, so that data can be verified. "

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