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The government wants to "damage limitation" of infected blood – campaigner


Campaigner, whose father died of blood poisoning accused the government of offering a sacrifice "means-tested fragments" as a new request gets under way.

Jason Evans, whose father died in 1993, ill with hepatitis and HIV, said that the government is unable to take responsibility for the scandal and is now trying to limit the damage by offering more money to the victims.

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Jason Evans, whose father was a victim of the contaminated blood scandal (Cathy Gordon / PA)

The contaminated blood scandal was named the worst treatment disaster in the history NGSA.

Thousands of patients have been infected with HIV and hepatitis C through contaminated blood products in the 1970s and 1980s.

Infected blood Inquiry will start taking evidence in central London on Tuesday.

Two previous requests have been branded a whitewash servants.

Mr. Evans, group manager of the company Factor 8, says a new proposal from the government will equate to less than £ 900 per person.

According to him, the government is not "one more time to take their responsibility" in the scandal.

He added: "In a blatant attempt to limit the damage, the government today announced derisory offer of livelihood for some of the victims on the same day that the Infected Blood Inquiry begins hearing testimony from persons infected and affected.

"If the figures in the Department of Health's own report to be believed in 2016, the increase is expected today equates to less than £ 900 per person infected.

"We also note with interest that the Minister of Health stated that she committed" to "this figure, it is a reality, in fact, may be significantly less than the amount declared shameful.

"Today's announcement is not welcome. People get sick and die, seven & # 39; and deal with bereavement, but the government refuses to admit its clear responsibility and pay compensation. "

According to him, the government proposes to "means-tested fragments," adding: "These begging bowls are available only to those who meet certain requirements and eliminate many of those affected.

"If the government really wants to do the right thing, they will provide a statement accepting his responsibility now.

"Our friends will be bitterly disappointed abusive actions of the government today that attempt to overshadow an important day for the victims at the request and does not constitute virtually no change for the majority of those who influence the contaminated blood scandal."

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHSC) says regular annual payments for some of those infected will now be "significantly increase" the total pot £ 46 million to £ 75 million.

He said that most of the victims lost their partners will also be eligible for support.

Prem & # 39; -Minister Theresa May said: "The contaminated blood scandal was a tragedy that would never take place, and has caused incredible pain and the pain of the victims and their seven & # 39; and for decades.

"I know that this will be a difficult time for the victims and their seven & # 39; families – but today begins a journey that will be dedicated to get to the truth about what happened and to ensure justice for all parties."

The increase in financing "costs extensive consultations with victims and recognition of the differences existing schemes," added DHSC.

Infected blood Inquiry will hear from victims at hearings in Fleetbank House, central London, to such evidence take place in the coming months in Belfast, Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The investigation is being chaired by former High Court judge Sir Brian Langstaff.

Des Collins, senior partner at Collins Solicitors, who represents Mr. Evans and more than 1,000 victims and their seven & # 39; families, said: "For those who are infected by contaminated blood products, as well as those who have something & # 39; w and friends who are affected by them, is an incredibly important day,

"For many, many years, it did not look as if at that moment will ever be: a public hearing on the poll give a chance for many people to get to tell their story and be heard.

"We recognize that the government has finally proposed to increase the prolonged issue of support payments in some of the victims and their seven & # 39; families affected – in England – from contaminated blood products.

"However, the increase in payments is insignificant today announced by the government in real terms for those whose health has suffered so much for so long.

"These payments provide a minimum level of support, and I am afraid that the increase announced today will do little to help offset the problems that many people face.

"It also seems to have missed the opportunity to make the system simpler and fairer for applicants who have hitherto been virtually excluded from any ongoing support, especially lost their husbands and partners who are now" may be eligible "through permanent" Top dimensional requirements to benefit ".

"There is also, they bring us no closer to a just and definitive solution. These payments should not be construed as any form of compensation.

"The government denied compensation to the victims, as the scandal emerged, and continues to maintain this position."

Many victims have contaminated blood with hemophilia and blood clotting disorder, and relied on regular yn & # 39; ektsyyah factor VIII clotting agent, which was made from a pool of human plasma.

Britain end stocks of factor VIII, as imports from the United States, where inmates and others were paid money for donating blood.

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