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To do as he pleases: «Ace killed 32 state cattle to provide political support"


Ace Magashul brazenly ordered the killing of 32 cattle belonging to Glen Agricultural College of the Free State provincial government in order to influence the delegates to support it at a regional conference of the ANC in 2005.

This is according to a former premier of the Free State & # 39; er Marschoff Beatrice, who says that this is the reason she sought and received permission from the then ANC President Thabo Mbeki to fire Magashule with the provincial executive.

Marshoff told journalist Peter Louis Myburgh incident convinced her to fire him less than a year after he was appointed MEC of Agriculture. According to the book in Myburgh Gangster condition: Autopsy Web Ace Magashul on Capture she regretted appointing him first.

Bandit State Peter Louis Myburgh

Marshoff said she was told one day on Friday after work, that the large-scale slaughter that took place in the Glen, an institution that came under the control of Magashule in. A government official told her Magashule instructed that the cattle for slaughter and that the meat packages are loaded on Bakkies and transported to regional ANC conference, which will be distributed among the delegates.

She asked the police to intervene and Bakkies number are directed to the north, in Sasolburg, where the conference was to be held, have been discontinued. "Meat parcels were to be distributed among the members of the ANCA, which are going to take part in the conference, so that they will vote for the slate Magashule, in" said Marshoff Myburgh.

This practice, however, restored as soon as he became Prime Minister & # 39; EPAM gangster state He says he was "normal" and "habit" for cattle for slaughter of political events or political funeral under Magashule.

One source said: "It is a scandal, because it is a property of the state, rather than just take. It has since become less common (after leaving Magashule in the province). They only come in two (cattle) so far this year (in 2018) ".

Magashule declined to comment when asked a set of more than 60 questions for the book. gangster state with & # 39 is the first comprehensive audit of Magashule as one of the most influential figures of the ANCA. Controversial former Free State premier & # 39; er has been accused of various illegal transactions for many years, but has never been charged or convicted of any crime.

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