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West has Huawei hot gun


For more than ten years, the leaders, and intelligence of the conspiracy theorists have warned of the danger of equipment from China's Huawei Technologies Co.

And almost the same time, Huawei's denies that its telecom products pose no security threat.

West finally found his smoking gun. However, it may not be enough to sway those who are on both sides of the debate.

Back in 2009, Vodafone Group Plc – one of the most powerful and far-reaching telecommunications companies in the world – found hidden loopholes that could give Huawei access to its fixed network in Italy, Bloomberg News Daniela Lepido said Tuesday, citing security guidance documents from the London company.

lot of money

In a statement, Bloomberg News, Vodafone admitted that he found such vulnerability.

The key point in the documents with the & # 39 is that even after Vodafone Huawei asked to remove the gap in his home Internet routers in 2011, and was assured that they were, further tests showed that the vulnerability remained.

Giving a little bit of Huawei claims innocence itself Vodafone, which said that the problems were eventually fixed, and that there is no evidence the data being compromised. The British company has gone a step further:

"It is not uncommon for vulnerabilities in the equipment from suppliers, which will be determined by operators and other third parties … If the vulnerability exists, Vodafone is working with the supplier to resolve it quickly."

This was supposed to be a comfort, I guess, but it is not. Vulnerabilities in both routers and network access remained fixed, and have been found in other European countries. Vodafone stuck with Huawei, because his services were competitively priced, reports Lepido.

Telecom operators have a vested interest in ensuring the security of their networks, allowing only access authorized. They provide services to corporations and governments that require security, and lose their trust at risk of losing business.

However, Vodafone and his colleagues are also interested in ensuring the Sun get banned Huawei from bidding on contracts. Chinese company's entry into the market given operators more options for a selected group of European and North American suppliers.

expansion plans

With Huawei, or his compatriot ZTE Corp., shot list delicate reduces the market power of operators, even if they are inclined to the western variant. This is one of the reasons that we have seen telecom leaders to play down the risks and protect even Huawei. Money from the & # 39 is a powerful incentive and interest saved is a penny earned.

Wait Huawei advocates and service providers to close this revelation as a deviation from the norm, that does not prove anything. reactivate PR Huawei machines will be whipped into overdrive, and the Chinese authorities unwind the report as propaganda. Meanwhile, Western politicians will sing "I told you so."

If rates – financial, political and security-related – are so high, even the hot gun may not be enough for a conviction.

lot of money

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