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▷ These applications are accused of committing fraud in Android

Fraudulent application? This is a question that many users Play Store did in the past, because experts say that There are 8 applications for mobile devices with Android operating system perhaps they could use a permission to commit fraud.

Thus, the application states that now more than two billion downloads They used some solutions and their users are apparently such authorizations are given innocently while taking their conditions and allow them to perform their advertising fraud.

It was able to detect the investigation, "Kochava" which is a & # 39; is the application analysis of the company.

What can the 8 applications that conduct fraud of its users?

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While this sounds disappointing, many of these applications will seem familiar.

Can implementer list of 8 applications that are identified by "CM File Manager", "Clean Master", "Privacy Wizard", "CM Locker", "CM Launcher 3D", "Battery Doctor" "Cheetah Keyboard" and application «Kika Keyboad "which highlighted applications Kika keyboard reflecting a keyboard that allows you to send emoticons, and so Clean Master for use as CleanUp

Thanks to a report published «BuzzFeed News» 7, the first applications were developed by a Chinese company in the country "Cheetah Mobile»What he is quoted on the stock exchange in New York.

In addition, the company is accused of carrying out several methods of fraudulent commercial type.

Nevertheless, the company «Kika Keyboard» is owned by «Kika Tech», which is a & # 39 is a Chinese company with an office in Silicon Valley, according to a report carried out in both companies They have been found more than 710 million active users per month for your applications.

Thus, the reports carried out revealed that these companies have developed type of false advertising producing fraud schemeIf he uses every permit application for Performance Monitor all users in other Android applications.

"All of this is focused on what could be considered a fraudulent manner that deserves the load from other applications in order to get the kind of commission"This company explained Kochava.

In addition, these companies have been traced as other downloads and app users, because it allows enabling them to exercise such control pressing or at the time when he was already downloaded and installed any other application.

To achieve the use of all types of data that they can claim credit inappropriately.

"All these parties and advertising platform independent arbitration work together to decide what will be the distribution of the & # 39 application objectsWe will not be part of the same process "

"In addition, It will not be part of the processBecause they are still to investigate this matter, and we will update as we get more information, "said» Cheetah Mobile "

These applications are accused of committing fraud in Android

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