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20 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10, in accordance with Samsung


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, front

Samsung Galaxy S10 is now one of the outstanding personalities in the Android world. They have different characteristics and some only to the best specifications. but, What is the best thing they have new phones from Samsung?

The South Korean giant wants to convince us that the tenth edition of Galaxy S family of components with & # 39 are the best option and brings 20 reasons to buy their new devicesOn the one hand, the 10 areas in which the S10 made its way to 10 other factors that make them stand out above the rest.


rear S10

According to the Korean firm, the 10 points in which your device is taken advantage over the others, 10 areas where the Samsung Galaxy S10 was a pioneer.

  • Dynamic AMOLED screen: The new name of the new Galaxy panels & # 39 is one of the most talked about changes to the famous screen AMOLED Super AMOLED to dynamic.

  • The camera on the screen: The hole in the screen, one of the hallmarks of the new flagship of Samsung. This is the front-facing camera, and although there are other devices with this technology, such as the Huawei Honor Nova 4 View or 20, no one used to enable dual camera, as found in the Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

  • Certification VDE: Galaxy S10 phones was the first to obtain a certificate from the German Association Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), being capable of producing 100% DCI-P3 color range.

  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the panel: However, other terminals as the OnePlus 6t has a fingerprint reader on the screen, but the technology that they use as S10 and S10 + ultrasound, so they do not need a flash light to read our trail.

  • biometric certification FIDO: This fingerprint reader was also the first to get Certification FIDO Alliance Biometric ComponentThat rewards the most sophisticated biometric systems.

  • HDR10 + video: With this technology, we can write much more realistic images with high image quality and dynamic range, depending from Samsung, it has no equal in the world of smartphones. It's one of those things that sets new Asian product company.

  • WiFi 6: Samsung terminals operate on 802.11ax standard, or what is the same, WiFi 6. What are the advantages? We won both coverage and & # 39; the volume, so we can enjoy a high speed, even if we use the remote network.

  • 64-bit games: Samsung Galaxy S10 to & # 39 is the first smartphone on the market can support 64-bit technology in their games.

  • Optimizing the game with Unity: Asian companies in the unity of the Association, one of the main drivers of games for smartphones, to increase productivity even in the most complex creations.

  • Dolby Atmos: Watch movies, TV shows or even gaming experience reaches the next level thanks to the Dolby sound system that will wrap you with high sound quality.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, in the foreground of the screen

In this selection Samsung seeks to collect a dozen ways in which their new flagship They stand above the rest of the terminal market, These points at which, according to the company, Samsung Galaxy S10 to & # 39 is the best.

  • Color accuracy record: DisplayMate person who is responsible for analyzing the best devices panel, said that the accuracy of the color screens S10 is unmatched.

  • Contrast ratio of 2000000: 1 on a mobile: screen pixels is extremely volatile brightness, the most powerful 2 million times brighter than the dim.

  • Brightness up to 1200 nit: Galaxy new panel with 39 & # is one of the light with the maximum brightness may reach 1200 nits. To give you an idea, Samsung Galaxy Note9 screen, which remains one of the best to date, only comes to 710 nits.

  • TÜV Rheinland certification comfort: This certificate, presented by TÜV Rheinland, a German company, shows that Samsung screen terminals will respect your point of view and avoid fatigue.

  • total wireless charging: We have seen this in other devices, such as Huawei Mate Pro 20, this technology can charge other devices that support them on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • UHD recording front and rear: UHD, abbreviations come from the environment Ultra High DefinitionOr what is the same, with 4K resolution.

  • video supersteady: With this technology we can record video with high stability.

  • Dual Pixel and double opening: The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S10 promises to be one of the best auto focus, thanks to Pixel Dual technology, and gives us a variety of opportunities with a variable aperture.

  • 12 GB RAM and storage 1 TB: Nha numbers. The Asian giant is the most powerful configuration Galaxy S10 +, that gives us 12 GB of RAM with an impressive 1 terabyte. If this were not enough, you can expand it with a MicroSD card.

  • 2.0 Gbps: Although we know that some users had problems with the coating, the Samsung promises high speed through its LTE connection.

Responsible for the company based in Seoul does not want to leave anything, and showed the world that aspects of which they are proudIf you have any doubts about whether to get one of the best of the Galaxy we've seen so far, This selection may be just what you need.

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