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680 confirmed cases of dengue fever in Salta | chronicle


In Tartagal were 712 patients registered with febrile syndrome in October, of which 194 were confirmed dengue.

A total of 680 cases of dengue have been confirmed in Salta in October of last year, 194 of them in the city of Tartagal said Monday the Ministry of Health of the province in which it was said that at the moment no dead works Zeke or chikungunya fever.

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"Patients who develop favorably, with & # 39 are the municipalities of Oran, Tartagal, Salvador Mazza, Colonia Santa Rosa, Pichanal, Aguaray, dreaming, Santa Victoria Esta, a Vessel, South Rivadavia Band, Mosconi, Guemes and La Union», They said. They also stressed that "All cases are classic dengue" and that "none of the patients with severe or dengue haemorrhagic fever."

Meanwhile, the coordination of sources Epidemiology in Tartagal Salta said that in October were 712 patients with febrile syndrome were reported, of which 194 were confirmed dengue.

"Preventive efforts and the availability of health workers in the areas annexed to the tasks that are closed, in-depth findings reinforced fever cases"This was reported by the hospital assistant manager Juan Domingo Peron Tartagal pedro Urueña.

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During the weekend, the governor Juan Manuel Ertubi He posted on his official Twitter account: "These versions have arisen about the situation of dengue in Tartagal First, we ask that this issue will be considered from all suras & # 39; oznastsyu and responsibility, which is subject to disease, to avoid spreading false information."

He also said that "Dengue (classic and hemorrhagic), Zeke and chikungunya with & # 39 are endemic throughout the continent"And he said that the government of Salta "He is working hard on prevention and treatment."

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