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9 police are investigating the shooting that ended with a dead sheriff – 03/30/2019


Gunfight between police, which ended with Bonaerense commissioner were killed and two wounded agents led to the suspension of the Federal 9 police and a search of the departmental delegations INVESTIGACIONES (DDI) Avellaneda-Lanus. The suspicion is that the researchers at the police headquarters Silver has been proposed in exchange for Sun arming lawsuits.

The collision occurred on a Friday night a few meters from the South access and Madariaga, opposite the shopping Avellaneda when PFA agents came to arrest four policemen from Buenos Aires, which only collect extortion. During filming, she died Commissioner Hernan David Martin (43), Chief Cabinet Drug DDI Avellaneda-Lanús.

They were detained at the Deputy Commissioner Luis Edgardo Otero (37); subayudante Silvio Ricardo Vergara (33), both pre-trial kidnapping cabinet member the people in the DDI, and Captain Eduardo Angel Franicevich, drug cabinet. Three were dissatisfied.

At the same time, by a decision of the Interior audit, the Ministry of Buenosairean security have also been removed from office the head of the DDI, senior curator Jose Hernandez; and five agents: Emiliano Daniel Schemberger from & # 39; yutant senior lieutenant Ricardo Aristides Fernandez, Commissioner Julian Esteban Arana, Lieutenant Claudio Daniel Saldivia and Sergeant Damian Antonio Pereira. While no one involved in the shooting, They are investigating whether they were part of the extorsive maneuver.

Work in Avellaneda-Lanús DDI.

Work in Avellaneda-Lanús DDI.

From what happened on Friday evening, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Guillermo Berry; Soledad Garibaldi taxes and employees of the National Gendarmerie beginning of the investigation that took place in the DDI and the raid on its territory, where computers, phones, files and documents relevant to the case have been withdrawn have been met.

The police against the police

The judicial source said BODY that the investigation began when the afternoon of Thursday from & # 39 woman appeared in the prosecutor's office and reported that the police claimed that he demanded money not to arm him the reason for the drug was 50 minutes in handcuffs in the car belonging to the Force and then went to his home and asked her husband 30,000 pesos Dominican origin.

The woman made a pact with extortionists last night had to deliver the remaining 170,000 pesos at a petrol station located in the south-east and access Madariaga in near the entrance to the park Avellaneda Shopping Center.

The money they received police detention.

The money they received police detention.

Then he told the head of the PFA, Nestor Roncaglia, working with municipal anti-drug department was organized, marked banknotes they were going to give a bribe and twelve policemen were distributed secretly in the service station.

The woman arrived on the scene, accompanied by a friend, and I was afraid to go alone, and at that time, apparently, went the captain Franicevich, to whom he gave the money, the police chief said.

Simultaneously with the & # 39; was a white Toyota Etios Hernan led by Commissioner David Martin (43), Chief Cabinet Drug that the DDI, which wanted to escape to one of the federal police. There came the first shooting.

The collision occurred a few meters from the shopping street Avellaneda. (Mario SAYES)

The collision occurred a few meters from the shopping street Avellaneda. (Mario SAYES)

After the car stopped, Martin would have lowered the car and when power PFA running toward him, and shot the wounded.

Martin died on the spot, while the first after the Federal Claudio De Carlo was shot four times and was admitted in a critical condition in hospital Churruca. In addition, he was injured partner, Sergeant Sergio Aran, who was shot twice in the legs, but not threatened.

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