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A "Karancho" jumped on the car, to pretend that they were pushing and security cameras were given it – 2018/12/06

Peace on Sunday afternoon in Parana was to change the situation, which has recently understands the other, when they saw the security camera in the area. The man ran toward Laurencena Center Avenue and jumped on a car hoodAnd he fell to the floor.

"It was a Sunday in 13 hours. A person who has suffered in the street in the first place, referring to a possible accident, "he said to the deputy chief of the police station eighth Julian BEVILACQUA told Canal 9 Litoral.

"He said that the pain throughout the body. They did all the skills. How to collect the driver and other witnesses, because there were people there, and we talked about this amazing man's actions, "he added.

Everything was recorded by security cameras. People, of whom only found out Maccarone lives next door, waiting as the Volkswagen Fox declined to a low speed jumped on the hood, dropping to the floor and pretend fainting.

At the hospital, "were not you made the appropriate medication because he resigned, not wanting to be examined by a doctor on call, a police physician who, injuries that may occur, have not been properly not constatadas, because there we can hold him against his will. "

Attitude towards one's neighbor with the & # 39 is part of the the fact that it is widely known as the "Karancho"They are looking after the accident legal action against the insurance company of the car owner.

Excitement generated in the news that even the president of the Association of Mesopotamia lawyers Enrique Marciano Martinez, asked about the issue, said that "this practice, in some cases, the participation of representatives of state institutions, as police officers, nurses or doctors."

"Many government officials involved in that have some connection with a lawyer and have an impact on the victim at the time when they come into contact with the lawyer. This is also from the & # 39 is the lack of ethics and citizen should inform "he added Martinez eleven local channels.

He continued his description of such events and the Board noted that, as a rule, "lawyers are not a couple, come from other provinces, the points are not known and sold the confidence that they have to the customer. And all the money received from the insurance companies are divided between this group and do not intend to sacrifice the end is inflated on these subjects. "

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