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Ajax-Tottenham: Team of & # 39; combined Judaism before the Champions League


When they meet on Tuesday London, as well as in a rematch next week Amsterdam semifinal Champions LeaguePuffy Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur They will soar on both stages of an impressive number of Israeli flags and Star of David, as often happens in games of both teams in any tournament for many years.

Ajax relationship with Judaism

It is estimated that in 1596, many Sephardic Jews settled in Amsterdam after suffering in Portugal after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, the city was liberated from the religious intolerance of the Spanish monarchy. Many Jews were those sailing the world's seas and made huge fortunes. They settled near the home of Rembrandt, who hired him as traders, we hired a painter in his basement. By Ashkenazi joined between 1648 and 1649 to escape the war
Thirty years during the Cossack uprising in Poland and the war between them, Russia and Sweden.

It was a team Ajax Amsterdam ghetto during the Second World WarIn fact, closed on Sundays, before the market stalls, because he had to be present in court on the tram. Eddie left pointer was Amelie, a New York Jew who stood out for its aesthetic play and enthusiastic women for their beauty, who died in Auschwitz in 1940 (football has left). In each game rojiblancos clapped their old stadium De Meer (built in 1934) flags with Ajax flowers and the Star of David, who was called La Estrella del Ajax.

Holland surrendered until two days after the fighter-bombers destroyed entirely Hitler Rotterdam with 900 dead. Nazis devastated the Netherlands and Amsterdam 140,000 Jews survived only 40 000, and which also affected the club. Some famous Dutch & # 39; I Ghanaian journalist Simon Cooper, daily The Guardian and author of "The Ajax team of the ghetto" and the subtitle "Football and OA," says the star of David ardent in "to the gaming business with & # 39 are ignored evidence of historical reality, which, until recently, it has long been denied or masked behind figure of Anne Frank and the myth of Dutch tolerance. "

Cuper is suffering Bennie Muller, who was captain of Ajax and the Dutch national team in the 60s, and remembers when she was four years old when the Nazis took her mother (Although after 8 survived, but his 10 brothers failed). SjaakSwart teammate, midfielder tricampeón Europe in the 70s, and called g, the Ajax, has always been very discreet it can be a Jew.

The restructuring of the club began in the 60s with Jaap van Praag (merchant disk Jewish themes that escaped Nazi raid, hiding for two years in the basement of the photographer), ICPO Caransa (billionaire who saved his marriage to a non-Jewish woman, and that those the club was named «Caransajax») and flow and Wim van der brothers Meijiden (property owners, who were known as "bunker builders" for services rendered by the Nazis and that were then treated after Amsterdam issue).

At the end of this decade, the orphan, and Ajax had no other than Johan Cruyff, and then married a Jewish and whose son Jordi identified with Maccabi Tel AvivAnd though Ajax was the heyday in the seventies, with Cruyff, Swart, Kaiser, Haan, Krol and Neeskens, led by Marinus Michels, they were also times of arrival of hooliganism in the Netherlands, as the English export phenomenon. Thus began the attack Ultras his great rival, Feyenoord, who They've come a long sound of the letter "the S", simulating a gas chamber, and a few years later, he made a rhyme with the word "Hamas", referring to the terrorist organization.

This aggravation of confrontation between Ajax bars and Feyenoord (Rotterdam) did President Amsterdam, Michel van Praag, the son of former President of the sixties Jaap (died 1987) and returned the glory to the club to win the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup in 1995, Louis van Gaal as coach, He complained of his own followers, saying that "does not know anything about the history of Israel" and "Jews are like me, the Chinese". The situation between the fans became so strong at the beginning of the XXI century in 2005, Ajax tried to process in vain to convince their supporters that they must give up the symbols that identify the club with Judaism under the pretext of ending this scourge.

Press club secretary Simon Kaiser, who said that to understand some of the leaders, "Give up flags with the Star of David and a certain kind of songs to prevent competing reactions supporters put in the crosshairs of Jewry, and to feed a religious controversy. Ajax then said not out & # 39 is a Jewish club. It has nothing to do with it in its charter and has nothing to do with religion. This image is output only from the fact that Amsterdam & # 39 is a city with a huge Jewish community. We do not deny anything, because Ajax does not have a Jewish identity, "but acknowledged that" in any case. It will not be overnight, the club will no longer be associated with the Jewish religion. "

In any case, it may be the subject of discussion about what is actually or violent lyrics to confront supporters form a protective reaction of Ajax supporters without some of them knew about the history of Judaism (former football player Benny Müller said that "sometimes when I'm sitting in the stadium and hear the screams,
Var & # 39; yaty people "we are Jews and Jews from the & # 39 are super champions, I get up and go home"), led to deny overdone, any reference in the past.

However, these statements are representative of Ajax seemed to fall on deaf ears. If Maccabi Tel Aviv went to Amsterdam to play in the Champions League, dozens of Israeli flags waved in the stands as a symbol of welcome players and fans visitorsHe did not spend much time trying to Ajax Guide times & # 39; combine any connection with Judaism, and then the president of the Italian Maccabi Vittorio Pavoncello, continued to criticize the decision of the Dutch club and attributed to "fear".

"I really feel confused and hurt. The fear that I'm worried about. Ajax Jewish tradition does not come from religion, but from the Dutch solidarity during the Nazi occupation«Said the leader, who recalled that at the time" when they received the Star of David, as well as in the final of the FIFA 1974 World Cup players of the Dutch displayed when the team was not Jewish players. Why is the Dutch Jews were not asked to wear the Star of David ?, Out of fear, and that's what bothers me, "he asked, and answered Pavoncello, running the appeal to leaders Ajax revieran solution for it.

But Ajax application does not seem to be in tune with reality and history. Amsterdam Jews not only practiced athletics and swimming, but came to have up to five football clubsAlthough his love was the Ajax, although many of them can not be partners to be extremely poor and could not buy form.

Simon Cooper explored in the 20s, the party will receive one of the championships in the theater Tuchinski Abraham, with music by Max Tak. Club parties are usually programmed in the cafe D & # 39; Ysbreeker, where Jews gathered Socialists and the first official club magazine was granted on 1 January 1918 in Centra Theater and written by Leo Lauer, who worked mainly Jewish newspaper time.

Cuper claims that denying the Jewish identity Ajax "is fundamentally deny the existence of all this fun and passionate follower of Ajax Judería, who was killed".

Tottenham Jewish roots

History Tottenham different. Although it was founded by Anglicans and people associated with cricket, which are defined as «Yidn» (Yiddish language Jewish diaspora in Central and Eastern Europe), England, withl Loop generated with the Jewish community in the area of ​​Stamford HillIn north London, who & # 39 is an area in which the club was active.

Club ID with Judaism generated, especially with the 70-ies, the reaction of so-called songs "Jew Chant» against other bloated as West Ham United and Chelsea in 2019, to the point that for many years, their supporters calling themselves "Yid Army" ( "Jewish army") and how what happened in 2005 with Ajax, a Jewish comedian David Baddiel, came to ask the Spurs fans who ended up with these songs, and said that 90 percent of the black-and-white fans "are not Jews."

Tottenham, whose team is Mauricio Pochettino, controls its major shareholder Joe Lewis (friend of the president Mauricio Macri has land around Hidden Lake, in Patagonia), and president of another Jewish businessman, Dani Levy, who & # 39; is the president of the club since 2001 , the longest-lived of all the leaders Prem & # 39; er League, and in 2018 won the award award GDL football business.

This identification with the Jews Tottenham, who already had two suras & # 39; oznyh incidents with another club in LondonChelsea, who in 2017 had to go to give the song its own supporters to encourage the Spanish striker Álvaro Morata (the player himself has asked not to sing more), and in October 2018, when the two teams met by the prime minister's & # 39; ep League intensified as the anti-Semitic chants, the club «Blue» decided to send many of their fans to Tour Auschwitz. Of course, the decision came from Roman Abramovich, also Jewish and a major shareholder of the club.

In an interview with & # 39; nd company assembled his club against anti-Semitism, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has warned his supporters over the chanting against the Spurs in the following parties, urging them to stop using the discriminatory conditionsTottenham, however, believes that if they attack the club with "the YID" term use of this term is seen as "honor" for the institution.

And the friendship between Tottenham and Ajax

Friendship between Tottenham and Ajax comes from afar, identifying and swollen with Judaism and its sympathy for Israel, although the relationship was deepened in 1974, when British boxing lost in the final of the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) against Feyenoord, the Dutch cast a tough opponent. This series ended with scenes of vandalism and breakage of parts of the Dutch stadium.

Tottenham and Ajax already facing European competitions. It was in the 1981/82 Cup Winners' Cup (European Cup Winners Cup in each country, which have ceased to play). Surss Netherlands won 1-3 (Julio Ricardo Villa scored one of the goals) and were introduced in London in the Old White Hart Lane, 3-0 (with a goal from Ardiles).

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