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Alain Prost has published details of their relationship with Ayrton Senna – 04/30/2019


"Not only does my car & # 39; EPA, but my life is connected with Ayrton Senna"He says the Frenchman Alain Prost told AFP, 25 years after the accident of the Brazilian Grand Prix of San Marino.

His rivalry with Senna marked the history of Formula 1. How do you explain this?

They are things that can be explained, but not completely. Not one day did not talk about it. In social networks, every day there is virtually something. It's phenomenal. We left the trail. We are moving from the world of F1 professionals in a fully open world. There we reach the mass media, because there was this man fight between two drivers charisma, unique culture and education. This rivalry was amazing, but was also associated with an entire scene and, unfortunately, the death of Ayrton left it frozen. In fact, I just spent two years with him in the same team, and four or five in total (both are fighting for the title). I did a lot of things, won a lot of races and championships without him, but our history is fully connected. There's no time when, if we talk about a simple, no mention of Senna and vice versa. Not only my car & # 39; EPA, but my life is tied to it. I live with him for the last thirty years.

How do you live with the weight of such a story?

When we were running against each other, was about 50 percent of the people who love you and 50 percent hated you. It was really weird. After my retirement in 1993, and it was different. Fortunately, there have been almost six months since the friendship, when I retired from F1 to the accident. It completely changed the relationship. And after Ayrton's death, I would say that the vast majority of the followers of Senna joined the common history, not against Haymarket simple, which is good. That's why I was very fortunate to live in this way. There are some cases of ill wills of people who've seen the movie (documentary "Senna", the British Asif Kapadia). It's silly, too bad, but the rest is fabulous. When I go to Brazil, I might be better known than in France, and has an incredible enthusiasm, because there is one thing that has become a respected, because I & # 39; is part of the Senna Foundation and have always been very close to his family & # 39; and.

How to change Formula 1 after a fatal crash Senna at the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola?

There is a before and after. From a security point of view, and there was a small step forward. It's hard to say, because it was an accident fatal Roland Ratzenberger on Saturday and even Rubens Barrichello crash on Friday, but the accident of Ayrton on Sunday would not be a big change. Ayrton turned the accident into an inverted safety for pilots.


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