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Andy Kusnetzoff said Mario Pergolini and former CQC


The driver remembered the old days, when he had Pergolini ideas and he asked him to wash my car Credit: Press Telefe

The driver received an invitation

Jorge Rial

and he was encouraged to the floor
attackersWhile they have passed all subjects, from its beginnings in the middle of his battle with Mirtha Legrand to his paternity, that interview & # 39; u had a relationship with his former co-CQC and link

Mario Pergolini

Tonight, which will be hand in hand with America-rial.

Unexpected controversy unleashed

daniel Malnatti

When he asked Pergolini air, why they -Mario and Andy were millionaires, if the first was a crack, and the other radio. Automatically, all former members of the cycle gave their point of view. But the word is not the driver
stray dogsWhich, although made some links did not stop at this subject.

"I do not feel like a millionaire, I do not mourn, I was fine. I have worked with 20 years, and I feel privileged in comparison with what is happening in the country. I am very connected to reality, and I do not think that talking about their issues, "began Andy. Last year he came to the radio, "I have not talked to Malnatti, I was surprised and hurt I do not know, was excited because I was Mario forward the reasons which led to the journalist, TN to make a comment, he was inexplicably .. we drank coffee, he told me that his subjects. shows that he kept things and never told. At first I thought that he had escaped, but when they ran day and did not call me, I realized that there is. "

Andy Kusnetzoff and Mario Pergolini at a crossroads in Boca in Superclasico 2014
Andy Kusnetzoff and Mario Pergolini at a crossroads in Boca in Superclasico 2014

This fight opened internal competition, which was not only the driver, but also among the panelists and movileros. "I can talk about me. My relationship with Mario, he began to
TV attackI began to wash his car with a commercial manufacturer. One day I called Mario and told him that I wanted to go on the radio, but I replied that I would then have to earn their place. I did everything that I asked to go to the CQC, I decided to become a producer, and I do not want to. I killed win approval Guebel, although it was his partner. In March, the program began in August of note came with Fidel Castro, and there flowed a little more. Three years later he came and Malnatti

Juan Di Natale

before she went to take notes, but then no longer. with

daniel Tognetti

I got along well, even today. He inexperienced, interviews & # 39; policy yuiravanne faced with nothing and made it great. Mario,

Eduardo de la Puente

and John was a small group, it is well tolerated by three of them, and the rest we were movileros «he recalled.

Another person who came into the race was

Darian Schijman "Rulo"

, One of the last stage noteros CQC, between 2012 and 2013, which are in the ranks of encolumnó Pergolini, and showed
disappointment he suffered when he met Andy. "I do not have any problem with Rulo, because I do not know, I've seen it once, and I said some Cajetan who is my friend. It came with Silvinit Escudero and Rulo had to spend it, because he was with a woman. I said, for me it is not the essence of CQC, on the contrary, he had remarcarle, as ye have done it unto one of levantártela, you are one of us, "the driver said.

His relationship with Pergolini

"I g … egg you say Pergolini. Viste, when you say, "why do I follow? I left a lot of my best years, the CQC. What a thankless, Chabon, I gave you the best. Leave the others grow, you do not care, you care so much. Then I found it on the door of the radio and all well, it is the environment lie. he says that he tells me directly, but never said anything against me "
Andy just said, the conflict began.

Over the years, recalled: "It was a struggle with himself forever to do something else that I killed him, I was not going to make a comment, I stayed hours Mario at first did not shut it, that in the notes, and he loved … I closed my relationship with him is good, when I left in 1999. I actually invited him
PH can talk for message
. I said, stop going and just Makhoul Rial, I gave you the best years of my life. He replied that he did not want to share with other people, but the format so all worth the same. Today he interviews & # 39; nd in Jorge, say today, if you want to bring with you, "he shot the intruder.

What questions would you ask? He wanted to know Rial. Kusnetzoff not hesitate. "I am in my time with Mario, I do not want to shit, but will talk about the finale, how it feels to the end he left
CQCHe took off his jacket and never saw anyone. Something has to be this can not end well, say laburamos lot of time together, good-bye. "

He also mentioned about the reasons for the beginning of the cycle, if it was a big moment. "Seeing him today was an act of courage to go for something unknown, it is hard to leave a place where you feel comfortable, where you won, I did forget a few programs, such as
fame ladderThis is despite the fact that it was nothing Shakira. But it is that being inside, I felt a banana suit and wanted to know what he could have done. "

Relations between the two drivers had a lot of ideas and turns. In February 2002, they returned to find again, Mario Andy wanted to wear a suit again: "We went for dinner in the restaurant Christophe Krywonis perfect souvenir, because it was the first program.
stray dogsWhen she was still in the AM. He gave me advice that was very good: no filling columnist, people want to know what you opinás. I warned that this could happen to FM and told me that I was going to do shit, and fulfilled. I think I fucked it does not accept the return of the program, but the radio, because of its location. "

And since then, Pergolini declared war. "I never answer because I do not feel comfortable in the battle. At first it hurts, but then, and left him alone to talk. When I was 40, and I wanted to answer him. I wrote him a letter and told him what I felt. I I arrived as a producer, and he was Mario. It was my call, for it pains me to hit you now do not it would be unfair to deny it. I think this is part of his personality, I feel that there were days, sometimes I presented very well, and others do not. but I felt respected me as we work together. at first I was ordered to wash the car, I had the idea and I was on the rebound, but I'm competing with myself, not with him. I ended up seeing in therapy. I think he should be proud of that program was, and how each ended "was sincere.

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