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"Anonymous" videos for Macro, with the chorus insult the president – 03/31/2019


In just 20 seconds, with images of the infrastructure and the choir from insulting the president Mauricio Macri, let's change began to show a change in the communication strategy of provocation company networks.

Video, with a broad chorus of "Mauricio Macri, p … parió- you have not signed. Clarin consultation four sources of bureaucracy and no one has claimed authorship. But with nuances. "Spot the company to be determined"According to him, technically, to horn the leader of Casa Rosada.

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"I do not know where it came from, In addition, he is not very well done. He would get more and better work. But well. Do you know the origin, "said another source of government is critical.

Instead, the member of the election commission said the changes in the framework of this initiative. "Undoubtedly, They generate a conversation and have a very good effect between themselves and Potential ", is analyzed in this medium.

Without entering into the discussion, Manuel Mosca, president of the Buenos Aires Legislative Assembly and the husband changes Gladys Gonzalez senator did not hesitate to tweet video.

Something similar did Francisco Quintana, Secretary General of PRO-pack and vice president of the Buenos Aires legislature tweet from the account of another provocative video with testimonials from people who highlight the government's work plan mixed with such phrases "Who the hell cares one block paved the dollar to 45".

"Spots companies are not defined. It is likely that the wing of the government is seeking to be an optimist, sharper and more confrontational with PJ. but This is not a coherent strategy 100%"Another source said Cass Rosada.

Fourth of Clarin consulted, when asked whether it was the idea of ​​developing a kidney outside the official admitted: "Not inorganic No"But decided that it left the factory Jaime Duran Barbie consultant stars macrismo.

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Other video "anonymous"

Dissemination Strategy "anonymous" video is not a & # 39 is exclusive to the ruling party. A few days ago he started to circulate one of Cristina Kirchner.

Voiceover Narration K and the hashtag # CFK2019. However, neither La Campora and sources close admitted authorship and They even said that the former president did not want to.

Something similar to what happened with video Senator Citizen health Groups Florencia Kirchner, using criticism of K. Although in this case, without a signature, can intuit print Tristan Bauer.


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