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Apostles eight positive cases of dengue fever in two blocks


lockingHe fumigation and looking feverish eyes of suspicion and for 9 blocks.

Suspected cases of dengue continue to participate in various cities of the province and This week, the apostles eight neighboring tested positive for dengue in laboratories in the private sector. It should be remembered that these cases They are considered "suspect" should be confirmed by a high complexity laboratory Mission (LACMI) PCR analysis can also identify the serotype.

He also recalled that days ago Neighbors reported to Andres through the first 30 suspected cases of dengue fever. According to official figures, Misiones has 40 confirmed cases of dengue fever, most of them in Puerto Iguazu and all the DEN-1.

As they say, from the public health, it is very active epidemiological surveillance to detect suspected cases of fever and locks made immediately after the current reporting of suspicious cases.

eight cases

Neighbors «The Chaquito" Apostles especially dengue mobilized question these days. This is something that just two blocks from the eight patients diagnosed with dengue in the last few days have been found.

"We are very concerned that there are several people in the neighborhood with dengue fever, Municipality of fumigation, but it is obvious that we should do this more often, "said the neighbor, Marilyn.

As he said, The first edition Head of Program Area III Southern Health Zone, a biochemist Ricardo Martinez, "We have a positive case of a girl who is studying in Posadas and seven other cases have also been private laboratories in the field and gave a positive result, all inscribed in one or two blocks from El Barro Chaquito».

As determined by the person who was the director of the city hospital, "one week we have been working hard with the people of the environment and public works of the municipality is doing. We fumigation, touring the neighborhood with the promoters. As I always say, from a public health and other states can do things, but a lot depends on the neighbors, everyone should take care of your yard and home, take precautions so that the vector with the & # 39 is the mosquito, the disease does not extend " he said.

Martinez said the armed chain for several years through a network of private laboratories of the apostles, "they tell me things which are positive in their labs, and these results must then be confirmed in LACMI. Nevertheless, for us, on suspicion of posts is sufficient to cause the operating block, This means that we are going to go where the patient and make a blockade to prevent new infections. "

As it has been shown, it is important to act in the early days, when patients have fever, "if they have viremia in the blood and spread; because after a while keeps the symptoms, but the virus does not circulate in the blood, so if you are bitten by a mosquito can no longer infect others. Therefore, we try to act quickly on the same day or early the next day, the blockade, descacharrizado, fumigation, talk to people, ask if anyone has a fever, check out the location to see if you have water fountains or place where there is a proliferation of larvae. "

According to the official said, the blockade, to explore the unit where the patient is suspected of having compressed dengue and nine blocks around their home life.

higher risk

Martinez said that in Misiones, in the epidemic of 2016 as the last of the cases reported this year was serotypes DEN-1.

"But we know that in Itapú Department circulates den 4»warned biochemist Alto Parana also DEN 2.

"The importance of knowledge serotype that if a person gets infected Immunology still serotypes, but can get other types of dengue fever and has a high probability of suffering is called dengue haemorrhagic feverWhich has a high mortality rate. We know that at some point we will play to its proximity to the Incarnation and because there is a lot of movement of people between the two cities "He warned.

Therefore, as reflected, "The best tool control with the & # 39 is the elimination of Aedes and this is not enough, because only spraying adult mosquitoes are not killed or larvaeThe mosquito that transmits dengue is served in the early morning and early evening, so special care should be taken at this time, wear long sleeves and repellent, "he advised.

Forum on the environment and the eco-region

This week, the environment and the eco-region Forum will seek to resolve the typical eco-region and a priority of prevention to combat dengue and environmental issues presented in Encarnación.

The forum was jointly organized by two NGOs: CEINFODE (Paraguay) and reserves Mission Foundation (Argentina) and the Government of Itapúa counting on joining institutions such as SENEPA, Environmental Education Network Encarnacion, Faculty of Law, Catholic University of Santa Fe, Argentina.

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