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At night when Marcelo Tinelli and Mario Pergolini again compete – 04/29/2019


The next day, Marcelo Tinelli returns to TV Showmatch. Mario Pergolini It also decided to return for a few minutes on a small screen as a guest Jorge RialIn a special cycle Intruders at night (America).

During the '90s, one driver CQC and the second Videomatch. Pergolini and Tinelli competed many nights and endless shots were directed and indirect. What it is now proved to give.

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The first of the & # 39 appears on the screen was Pergolini, A few minutes after 21.30, an hour before the established timetable for the return of your (former?) Enemy Showmatch.

The format and the scenery of its regular broadcast, special night attackers (In anticipation of the debut of the new version incurable Fabian Doman) It was dedicated almost exclusively to the interview & # 39; nd with Pergolini.

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After discussing the health of Sergio Denis and mobile life with the arrival of Cristina Kirchner in Ezeiza, the note began with the former CQC.

First spear came quickly if Pergolini memories of those historical humorist Videomatch who had his television debut. «Pachu (Pena), Pablo (Granados) and Freddy Villareal (in Ataca TV) They started with me. (Alejandro) Stessel well as Miguel Angel Rodriguez. There are a few "He said. "Jose Maria (Listorti) in the & # 39; in '93, moved me on the radio, too." "It started a quarrel"He admitted.

And then he thought of the possibility that a & # 39 appeared years ago to work with Tinelli. "Said Adrian Suar collects production together. Who is doing what? That was the problem. I would like to handle. I just do not want it back to the TV, "he said, hinting that the project never came close to fruition.

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"And you would have prepared a program is not it?" He asked Rial. "No, it's not something for television there is. I can not find where the fun in doing the same for many years. I myself do not understand how much time CQC".

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