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Australia wants most of the space race: Minister


As the world marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Australia sur & # 39; ozna looking for opportunities in space.

Australia has its own space agency in Adelaide 12 months ago and is very interested in cooperation with NASA for the opportunity to participate in its program "Artemis", which aims to ensure that by 2024 to return the man and the first woman on the moon.

"This does not necessarily mean that we will be sending an astronaut to the moon or to Mars, but that does not rule out" – Australian industry minister Karen Andrews said on Sky News from the Parkes Observatory in New York, which is crucial for the transmission of images . during the first moon landing.

"We & # 39; are part of the space race, we want the most part."

Landing on the moon 50 years after the mission "Apollo 11" has inspired generations

She said that the space agency in Australia working with industry and researchers to maximize the opportunities for the country.

President Donald Trump wants to return to the moon by 2024, and the mission to Mars after that.

He also noted the "cosmic forces" aimed at cosmic war, but Ms. Andrews said it is not involved in any discussions.

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