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Axion forward and increases 6% of oil – 04.29.2019


Axion growth of 6% in fuel prices tomorrow. This reflects an increase in crude oil prices and the impact of the devaluation.

Oil usually expect solutions YPF, but this time it was unmarked. In the state of the majority of yesterday noted that The central bank was able to stop the growth of dollar and the increase is delayed, waiting to see the behavior of the peso against the dollar in the coming days.

Fuel refiners divided between extraction and processing, and YPF and Pan American Energy, and only engage in activities in the service stations. This second group has to buy oil and says he urged to apply to increase. This category Raizen (Shell brand management), Puma, which is already the fourth in market share, Dapsa and the bay.

"Integrated" as YPF and PAE They have a back. Company & # 39 are exploration and production, refining, as well. YPF with & # 39 is the market leader –more than 55% with participation- and their solutions are other sectors. Axion but decided to move on their own, and from 00.00 on Tuesday and charged 6% more fuel.

Brands that do not have "his" production has already decided to implement the increase. And if it were up to them, redial will be about 10%. In April Raizen (owned by Shell) increased by 9%, a figure that has been exaggerated against the increase of 4,5% YPF.

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The oil condition they will decide at a meeting today prices. The Government suggested that, before taking this step, the behavior of the exchange rate is estimated. The company noted.

Away from 9% to 10% is sought processing only, the "integrated" thought to increase the range of 3% to 5%. The change will depend on the evolution of the exchange rate. On Friday against the dollar at $ 47, fuel growth was prone to higher volatility. With the closure of the dollar on Monday, It seems to go at the bottom.

Axion almost always waited YPF, but this time decided to redial 6%. In the state of the oil they watch other events. For example, "interference" pattern operation is not declared by the Central aims to reduce the volatility of the peso against the US dollar.

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