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Axion fuel will increase by 6% on average across the country


From midnight tonight, Axion fuel will increase by 6% on average in the country. The percentage increase for both gasoline and diesel fuel and this is the fourth increase so far in 2019.

However, such measures on the market, two other major brands, YPF and Shell are known.

As for all purposes, it has been speculated, and preliminary calculations increases showed 3% to 5 percent.

Although it has been speculated that the tracks could await the decision of YPF, the company's share of the market, the first statement was made on the level of something & # 39; and Bulgheroni. Raizen last month, which sells Shell brand, came forward and announced an increase of 9.5% in gasoline and diesel fuel, after the announcement of the contest (YPF, and then Axion), he decided to roll back the rise to an increase of 5% it was almost like and other companies.

Company increases the fuel is determined based on two variables: Dolare and Brent oil prices. US currency He rose from $ 44.40 to $ 46 between March 29 and last Friday (3.6%); On the other hand, Brent price rose to 67.70 US dollars per barrel at the end of March of the current 73 USD (About 8%).

According to the published Infobae output, market sources say that if I were to make an appropriate adjustment to the evolution of the dollar and oil, increase should be 15%As there at the end of the last months of the consequences of what happened in April.

The first oil company decided on the & # 39; to reveal an increase in reported average growth of less than half.

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