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Barcelona wants to invite students to the Gamper Trophy


The dispute Gamper Trophy with a & # 39 is a classic in Barcelona pre-start of each season, but the 2019 edition could have invited more special: EstudiantesWhy? 10 years after the end of the World Cup for clubs in the United Arab Emirates, where the Argentine team was going to devote himself, but eventually the Catalans appeals remembered a story with Pep Guardiola he has won everything he played made.

Information confirmed by the daily Sport, which adds to the rattles on the basis of selected -The there are problems with the schedule, would be the second consecutive Super League team will be at the Camp Nou at the traditional meeting since Boca fell 3-0 homeowner August 15 lastWith goals from Malcolm Rafinha and Lionel Messi.

Other three Argentine teams played Gamper in previous editions: San – Lorenzo (1973, 1995 and 1996) Chacarita (1971) and river (1980). Pincharrata, meanwhile, was in 1969 and Xeneize played in five other cases: 1967, 1977, 1984, 2003 and 2008.

This definition of the Club World Championship started in favor of Alejandro Sabella-led platenses with both Mauro Boselli (PT 36 min.), To Pedro equalized Zbigniew 43 'and Messi signed the final 2-1 4 "for the second time is lengthened.

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