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BCRA has ceased to report daily course of their reserves


Source: Archives – Credit: Martin Acosta / Reuters

After the loss of a total of 12 laps more than half of the contributions they received their reserves, the proceeds of April 9, US $ 10,835,000, the IMF sent into the country as part of a financing agreement signed

The Central Bank (BCRA)

He continued today to stop reporting the daily variation of this important asset.

The novelty was known de facto coming traditional data part of the day, as the company had been circulated in the press and which includes details of the changes that have occurred in international reserves and the reasons (debt payments, the proceeds of loans, changes in the valuation of the coins, and so on d.) its modification. This led him to refine its intervention in the market, if available.

The new version of the company sent to the so-called financial variables Summary reports only to the reserves, the end of the day, preliminary data (balance end of the famous 48 hours), which in this case amounted to $ 71,744,000 during the day, which represents a reduction in the amount of $ 154 million dollars US per day, given that el & # 39; dato said Friday residence realized $ seventy-one thousand eight hundred ninety-eight in the amount of one million US dollars.

Changes have occurred on the same day that the company headed by Guido Sandleris extracted possibility of intervention on the local market in order to avoid undue spike in the dollar exchange rate changes, even if the currency does not exceed the "roof" Now Frozen band exchange rate. A point, since they can extend from the body, increases the possibility of intervention on the basis of a one-dimensional quantity and frequency on the market.

But he also comes after the company reported higher than the US $ 5.7 billion of its reserves, reducing the decline that began after the recording of US $ 77,481,000, which was registered on April 9, who will enter the final round of the IMF and It was mainly attributable to debt payments, as explained Nation days ago.

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