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Be aware of the importance of colorectal cancer prevention


Dr. Giovana Porfilio Gularte, Chief of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Madariaga Hospital told Radio Liberty about the disease. He explained that the year is diagnosed in about 13,500 cases across the country, of which about eight thousand end in death.

However, in spite of these startling figures, this cancer with & # 39 is the most preventable, if compared to other oncological conditions, because to malignant lesions with & # 39 is a polyp, it takes about a decade to become cancerous, and during all this time, it can be detected and treated effectively.

And this is a very common type of cancer because people with the & # 39; is often after prostate and lung cancer. While in women after breast cancer and cervical cancer.

With regard to prevention should be borne in mind that the patient does not have symptoms, you should start the first test occult blood stool under the age of 45 years, provided that they do not have a history or a personal or family history of this disease do if there is a history, consultation It must be done before.

When testing if positive, then a colonoscopy for every minute of the intestinal mucosa, and watch the bleeding.

Diet is very important for the prevention, both in western countries like ours, where the diet is rich in fat (meat) and low in fiber (fruits, vegetables, grains), contribute to the onset of the disease. In addition to other factors, such as alcoholism, smoking and obesity.

As for the symptoms of this cancer, highlighting the changes in the form of defecate. For example, a patient who went every day the body suddenly becomes constipation, or diarrhea, or see blood in the subject line, or lose weight, abdominal pain, too.

Giovana Porfilio Gularte – RL

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