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Boca strategy to reach the river disqualification: 5 central axis representation in the CONMEBOL

1 Article 8 of Regulation CONMEBOL Disciplinary
Boca is based on standard implements the obligations of clubs on what happens with the fans and / or safety of the stadium and its surroundings before, during and after the game.

"1. Member Associations and Clubs are responsible for the behavior of their players, officials, members of the audience, the fans and everyone who exercises or may exercise on behalf of any function on the preparations, organization and conduct of the game of football, whether it is official or friendly character.

2. Member associations and clubs are responsible for safety and order in and around the stadium before, during and after the game, that with the & # 39 are the owners or organizers. This responsibility extends to all cases of any kind can happen, being thus subjected to disciplinary action and compliance with the orders and instructions that can be accepted by the courts ".

2- «Failure fly" in the test
Mosca Court established judicial practice and use it as a direct antecedent of Boca. This point is directly connected to the first with respect to the responsibility of the clubs in these situations. It happened in 1996 in a match between Lanus and Independiente. Hugo Mosca, remisero recharge Clarin photographer to cover the party, he was attacked near the stadium "pomegranate" and lost 80% vision in his left ear piedrazo product thrown from the podium, where he was waiting for the completion of the trial.

"Football clubs and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) are jointly and severally liable for losses incurred by those who go to the stadium, that is, have to compensate people who suffer from" consider the decision of the Supreme Court, Letter warns that as the AFA and the club are responsible for what happened in the meeting and, therefore, should compensate Hugo Mosca, after a fight between the fans in the stands during the match.

3- Superclásio with "pepper spray" and new documents with the attack on the monumental
Although there are a few differences that make one thing and the other, of Boca insist that he was disqualified from the Libertadores Cup, a similar event and provides the material with micro aggressions got moving on campus.

In this connection, will bring new video, you'll see that the attack continued until entering the monumental stadium, disrupt river strategy that incidents occurred outside the circle of safety, on which he is responsible. It will also give evidence of the driver of the bus and those who were in the ambulance Pablo Perez moved to a sanatorium Otamendi and got missiles that leave the stadium.

Shells received micro Boca, when he arrived in the monumental stadium

Pepper spray thrown micro river Boca fan way to monumental

4 Historical fine CONMEBOL Corinthians
Court of Discipline was an unprecedented decision against Brazilian club after fans attacked institutions with flash and cause of death of a fan of San Jose, in a match played in Bolivia. Although it was a party in the status of the visitor, Kar received as a punishment to be their home games behind closed doors and how many visits without your audience. There was no disqualification, but play behind closed doors. Boca understand that if a solution to the & # 39 is unfavorable, the stadium Monumental meeting will be unworkable.

5- disciplinary court independent body to CONMEBOL, and as a consequence to claim CAS (arbitration court for the sport)
Boca Sun analyzes the position of Alejandro Dominguez, president of CONMEBOL, who several times expressed the hope that the match is played. In his last letter, the head coach emphasized … "In the CONMEBOL, which I chair, has not won a football with stones or aggression they win the player on the court, and more in South America with the quality of our players in the CONMEBOL that Preside played respecting the opponent, honest game and have a vision of the field, in the stands, in the manual. " Management expects the judgment and, if unfavorable future reference. If this continues, they will use TAS.

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