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Brenda Asnicar, new Gilda: "This is the biggest challenge in my car & # 39; EASURES" – 2018/06/12

The first manufacturers of contact Gilda Series with Brenda Asnicar It was with the help of Skype. Two hours did talk Benjamín Avila, Project Manager, Actress, based for many years in Colombia.

He told his idea, and look for this new version of the popular singer. She, meanwhile, was more than interesting, spoke of his fanaticism for the tropical singer and assured him that interpret this to realize a dream.

director clandestine childhood (2012), he was very happy with this first contact, but the brand is simply hung up, he felt a sensation that is not made clear their real interest in the role. That's why he picked up a guitar, and considered a letter he recorded a version of You were who quickly sent him to Avila.

Avila was his desire, his obsession with work and talent, and found that she was the one to play Miriam Alejandra B & # 39; the Yankees. Something that was confirmed later when Brenda went to Buenos Aires noventoso look with bangs included characterizing the singer and started to rehearse some scenes experienced.

"After one week of work, I was presented with a bouquet of flowers, which symbolizes that there was one. I could not believe it, because it was always a dream to play Gilda. In fact, their music has inspired me to do what I am, "says Brand.

Interview & # 39; nd with Brenda Asnicar, future star

Interview & # 39; nd with Brenda Asnicar, the future star of "Gilda Series". Photo: David Fernandez

Thursday 6, former ugly duckling He also sang acapellas I do not regret this love representing the number (which starts shooting in February 2019), which was followed by Benjamin Avila and Guillermo Pino, number 1520 the same production company that made the film Gilda, I do not regret this love (Lorena Muñoz, 2016), starring Natalia Oreiro.

"The series will be very good. Now I say this as a simple fan. Gilda is all about love. And who will play an actress who has all the charisma, talent and heart, something fundamental in the story "He could hear her talking to the Uruguayan actress in the video, in which he symbolically passed the baton to the brand.

You spoke with Natalia Oreiro?

No, I did not have any contact. If I had known that before, when he came to make part ugly duckling I slumped. I liked the film very good, quality Argentine cinema. With video she gave me a pass and left a high shelf so that it will be on me to rise to the occasion.

At the height of the circumstances. Brenda Asnicar and wants to be in Gilda series. Photo by David Fernandez.

At the height of the circumstances. Brenda Asnicar and wants to be in Gilda series. Photo by David Fernandez.

-¿Le you are afraid of future comparisons?

He will always be criticism. But attention to those things, it's not good. Also I have no fear, because fear could not do anything about what I'm doing to do. It means that Gilda for people and the work of Natalia. Connect with fear & # 39 is a mistake. For me, this is a super challenge. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest challenge in my car & # 39; EASURES. So that the guild and what it means to represent someone who existed.

-The fact of living outside and from work in international projects, how do you think that adds to the story can arouse interest outside of Argentina?

"I have my doubts, so. I also believe that Gilda and spent a lot of boundaries. The most beautiful of this story with the & # 39 is how she was as a person. It is important to say that this woman did. She touched the hearts of people for being myself, doing things very transgressive for the time. Being a teacher and get into bailantas world is always right man, all to achieve his dream, to be able to sing. This is very valuable to send a message to future generations what it was really a brave woman.

Converting Brenda Asnicar play Gilda.

Converting Brenda Asnicar play Gilda.

Why do you think that today is so popular and folk singers biopic about the idol?

For me it has to do with the change of generations, that we live in, with the need to tell young people that these people were. I am also proud to tell the story of this woman who was so great. I do not think that this is happening on the side of fashion to make biopics, we simply can not rid the world to know this story.

You searched for a project of this type, to return to work in Argentina?

-I never stop the production of castings. Yes, I have refused several offers of work that had little to do with my artistic search. This led me to be at home writing music. Actors have to get used to the fact that sometimes it is very difficult to know what one wants. As one does not believe her things, you expect to be called. I waited to call me and began to make their music. And suddenly, from & # 39 there was this opportunity that was strange.

Music, his life in Colombia and various rumors

Five years ago, Brenda Asnicar installed in Colombia. She traveled there for the filming of the series Kumba Ninja (2013) and fell in love with Alejandro De Angulo, whom he married in 2017. "I again set out there, made a lot of friends. But go back and forth a lot, "he says.

Now he went to the presentation of the series, but also for recording of the album, which will celebrate its launch as a singer. "Already more. I always wanted to make music. He left out the first song treasureWhich one & # 39 is the theme of love. It is very difficult to define the genre, because it's a real fusion. "

No Do reggaeton?

Nope! I get the feeling that in a few years no one will agree to reggaeton. Reggaeton makes people dance, it's good, but the text is not quite constructive for society. I do not like about the absolute & # 39; ektyvatsyyay women. There are things that contribute to, and there are things that eliminate, I would like to join a group of young artists who have something good to say.

Recently, here we are talking about when your partner with a & # 39 is a millionaire, your extreme thinness, in your opinion, for cases of abuse in the environment … It's bothering you?

-No. I understand that this is normal. I also understand that I am not enthusiastic about my personal life. Not because they want to hide, but has a problem with my psychologist or talk with friends. Punctually about my husband, he loves people and millionaire friends. And my health, I always appreciate that more. But I am well again. It does not bother me to explain things, but also sucks the interview & # 39; w is only when something bad happens because one artist and fight with various projects. I would like to talk about these things, if you have anything to say. If I do not feel that the amount I did not at all.

How to be a series on the life of Gilda

A new biographical film about the popular singer will have 13 episodes, which will be responsible for Benjamin Avila. Brenda Asnicar will appear in Gilda Series which has the subtitle phrase "love is a miracle."

There will also be two other actresses Miriam Alejandra Bianchi interpreted in childhood and adolescence. Brenda did not take up the post of 18 years and older singer until his death in 1996, due to a car accident.

Brenda Asnicar, new Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar, new Gilda.

Unlike the film, the story is told not only from the point of view of Gilda, but the world will also feature bailanta in the 90s and characters, with some necessary licenses for fiction. fight "the woman in a man's world" will also be highlighted, as it says Avila.

Telefe and Netflix sound as potential partners for broadcast, but from Room 1520 have nothing guarantees closed and is still evaluating the various proposals. In addition to agreements, shooting will begin in February or March 2019, and its release is scheduled for the second half of next year. They are currently in the casting to complete the rest of the cast.

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