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Cervical cancer: causes and symptoms, you need to know


cervical cancer It is the second leading cause of death in Peru. A year later, it was revealed more than 4,000 cases, almost half of which are in an advanced stage, and the women die. Experts say that this disease can be prevented if detected at an early stage.

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What causes cervical cancer?
Giovanni De la Cruz, a surgical oncologist, says that the cause of this disease with & # 39 is sexual in nature and is made Human papillomavirus, that women can buy it in the first sexual intercourse or at any time in their lives.

"In order to get to the cancer should be spent not less than 10 years," said the expert.
For his part, Luis Pacora, surgical oncologist, director Oncotemp noted that the causes of 15% genetic and 85% environmental cancer environment.

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"In other words, the genetic means that if your mother, father, brothers, uncles, and grandparents have had cancer have a 15% chance that I have. And 85% to the environment, i.e., infection, or dietary habitsThere are infectious agents such as human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, penile cancer, Etc, «said Pacora.

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This cancer is silent, and initially no symptoms, however, they tend to & # 39; appear in the later stage:

  • Bleeding between menstruation and menstruation.
  • Bleeding after menopause.
  • Bleeding after sex.
  • abundant and profuse bleeding.
  • pelvic pain.
  • vaginal and yellow or green discharge.

Factors that predispose a woman developing cervical cancer include the presence of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, use of oral contraceptives for more than five years, the number of sexual partners.

"An increasing number of sex partners have a greater risk of getting cancer. Early onset of sex as a & # 39 is a factor, "said de la Cruz.

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HPV vaccine with & # 39 is the best way to prevent
For the early detection of cervical cancer, it is recommended held Pap once a year. And as a method of preventing HPV vaccines exist that can be applied from 9 to 45, which guarantees protection from the occurrence of precancerous lesions.

"If you apply the vaccine, it prevents the virus from entering and further reduces the possibility of cancer. If there is a vaccine? If one does not initiate sex, "said Pacora.

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