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"Chaos they» | The rally in the Plaza de Mayo


Unemployed people who have spent a trade union front (FSMN) national model with the movements of the SRT and social had its moment of maximum expression in the Plaza de Mayo, which took place from the negative effects of the economic model of the protest he carries Government Mauricio Macri. FSMN activity does not stop with this blow, but will continue on Wednesday with the installation of 300 popular pots, so that, as Pablo Moyano said, "all to see the need and hunger that has people." After 20 days, these sectors will meet again with the intention to organize new activities, because they believe that "victory is in unity."

Neither threats Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, and it intends to apply sanctions Minister Dante Sica troubled unions called mobilization. All performances were denying the economic plan and the government, but also had an electoral connotation, since they are designed to make a great national and Patriotic Front defeated in the change in October.

Avenida de Mayo and the North and South diagonally filled with columns of various trade unions that participated in the first general strike did not participate binomial leading VKTOV. However, the strike as they held their organizers' conviction and massive. " They announced from the stage that there were 200,000 people in the area of ​​the scene, which was Heaping leading organizers of trade unions and even some surprises as metallurgical Francisco "Barb" Gut & # 39; ERES. He was also Marcos Castro Guild Overseas Captains, the guild, which can be considered small, but that & # 39 is part of the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), who was not involved in unemployment and lives like a fracture, which crosses the CGT,

"Despite the tightening & # 39; re here, hundreds of thousands of people who oppose the policy Mauricio Macri," said Sergio Palazzo bank, which was responsible for opening the list of speakers at the event. The head of the Banking Association deemed necessary unity of the Argentine people to abandon macrista model in the upcoming elections.

"We are accused of threatening the people and tell us the mafia, but those who are threatened with sanctions, repression and fear that if they do not win in October, will be chaos. But the chaos that they create unemployment, ensure political and economic independence and promote an agreement of capital flight from the IMF, "said Palazzo, who said that the strike and the march to the beginning of the plan to combat that" must be stored for a long time. " The bank has not forgotten the CGT. He did not attack their leaders, but when they claimed that the revised because otherwise it will be for the history that is being built.

In turn, Mariana Sanchez, on behalf of social movements, called on all political leaders to come together to create a political front to win the Macro box. Ricardo followed Autonomous Peidró the CTA, who stressed that unemployment, lack of job security and the flight of capital not from the & # 39 are errors of the government, but "desirable economic policy seeks to discipline the working effects."

Peidró warned the presence of affiliated unions have not joined the strike the workers, because "they know that we only recovered lost the fight."

Michele pub called the Sun relax with the implementation of this huge mobilization, because "return new national and popular government should win the street with a lot of bumps and marches, because victory in unity".

X & # 39; Southern Yaski, CTA workers unemployed and identified act as a "turning point in the task unity of the working motion in a single central". The MP also said that the chaos FPV describing the government is not the fault of the workers, "but those who have lower salaries and kneel before the IMF."

Owner Canillitas, Omar Plaini, will share the responsibility to read the document agreed with the trade unions. The text speaks of the joy of unemployment reached an agreement of trade unions, but also the productive sectors, cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises. Plaini said the government does not listen to the employee, who "will not speak on the reform work, we demand free sharing and wage increase in the state of emergency." The document also states that rejecting the agreement with the Fund, and requires a rollback utility costs in December 2017 as the price of fuel.

Closing ceremony led by Pablo Moyano, who stressed that the success of this measure is not only in agreement FSMN, service stations and social movements, but also in addressing the 70 regional CGT, who participated in the plenary session where it was decided to stop. In this sense, also thanked the internal grouping UTA led by Miguel Bustinduy, which has caused more than a hundred bus lines do not perform maintenance and, among other things, showed the weakness of the leadership of Roberto Fernandez front Guild colectiveros. Like others, the son of Moyano stressed that all aviation unions in general work stoppage, despite the compression they received from the national government.

Threats and required reconciliations transferred the minister of production, Dante Sik, the leader of the truck driver is not shy around and said, "those papers that clutter in the ass." One of these guilds was APA, a leading aviation Edgardo Llano. "He sent a poorly written note on the go, we do not attach great importance, and we are here dwelling and mobilized," he told the newspaper.

Moyano also expected the new Congress within 20 days if the new measures will be determined by force.

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