Thursday , March 4 2021

Chase, crash, back and arrested the culprit – 2019/07/01

after persecution filmAgent motorcycle City police managed to arrest criminals in the southern part of the federal capital.

It all started when a surveillance camera, located on the Avenue of General pass at the entrance to the city, in Villa Riachuelo, I found a car that begged abduction. it was Ford K White.

They activated the security protocol and motorcycles police approached the vehicle, giving the driver maximum voice. Nevertheless, people did not hear the order and fled.

This episode was recorded mainly camera, one of the agents were placed in the form of, In the photos you can see how Ford is accelerating and begin to dodge cars to pass rapidly general.

Upon reaching the descent Avenida Coronel Roca, the driver of the Ford, was hit by another car and then turned around. However, while motorcycle agent followed him without concealment continued until the landscape area where He got out and started to work.

And walk, the officer pursued him in Shore Park South, where finally able to stop.

Demonstrating criminal, they were able to determine that a person He accumulated a criminal recordWhite K asked kidnapping since December 31, and inside were his wife and daughter.

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