Friday , June 25 2021

Cynthia Fernandez moved Dancing jury of her dance dedicated to the veterans of the Falklands

Member was very mobilized on this subject and see some of the awardees present.

Cynthia Fernandez moving tribute dedicated to the veterans of the Falklands

Pure emotion. So he lived the last gala tribute presented to the participants dancing 2018, One of the performances, which are marked by fire of the heart of all those present was the one who introduced Cynthia Fernandez and Gonzalo Gerber in honor of veterans of the Falklands, with some of the awardees present.

"It was my idea"She admitted a dancer before show off their choreography, which ended Evangeline Rebosio -The blind singer came out of the section 30 seconds of fame, who dazzled with his & # 39; appearance on the show 13 years atrás- sing the Argentine national anthem.

"I really liked the atmosphere and aesthetics," he said Angel ShavedWho in this round is a secret ballot. At the same time, Laurita Fernandez 10 provided them: "The whole ballet was a great break does not appeal has always been very strong … to be healthy."

with regard to Florencia PeñaThe actress also predict the ideal companion as his price: "… At this time, the risk was great excitement was beautifully and artistically It was all surpassed and exceeded Gala Gala» And he concluded, finally. Marcelo Polino He scored a team of 7 and closed: "This is good not only to remember the Falklands on April 2, related to the history and loved it."

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